HI,1: What is the function of 'SETON LR' AND '*INLR=*ON ?
2:Can we used "seton lr" OR "*INLR = *ON" in between the
program code ?
3:if yes then according to there function the code which is
written acter seton lr/ *inlr should not be execute . Can any
one tell me why those code get executed ?

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HI,1: What is the function of 'SETON LR' AND '*INLR=*ON ? 2:Can we used "seton..

Answer / kushaal

SETON LR or INLR indicator is not to come out of the
program when its on, it means when all the 'C' spec codes
gets completed it make sures that the open files gets
closed. Nothing really to close the program.

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HI,1: What is the function of 'SETON LR' AND '*INLR=*ON ? 2:Can we used "seton..

Answer / madhab sikder

It is to inform the system that while coming out of the program, it should release all it's resources allocated to it.

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