what is the use of rms value ,crest factor , Q- factor,form

what is the use of rms value ,crest factor , Q- factor,form factor..

Answer / rajdeep saha

RMS value:-The RMS value of a set of values (or a continuous-time waveform) is the square root of the arithmetic mean (average) of the squares of the original values (or the square of the function that defines the continuous waveform).

CREST value:-The crest factor or peak-to-average ratio (PAR) or peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) is a measurement of a waveform, calculated from the peak amplitude of the waveform divided by the RMS value of the waveform. C=[x]peak/[x]rms

Q-factor- Q-factor of an element or a circuit is an operating point in which the element or the circuit performs well without distorion. it is the ratio of resonant frequency to bandwidth.

FORM factor:- The ratio of the RMS value to the absolute mean of a sinusoidal wave

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