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Given a string variable contain a full name (last name,
first name), using vbscripting, how can you extract first
and last name and save them into two different variables.

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Given a string variable contain a full name (last name, first name), using vbscripting, how can yo..

Answer / uday

Use split method.

Here is the ex:

str="Uday,Anem" 'where Uday is first name and Anem is last

msgbox(firstname+" "+lastname)

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Given a string variable contain a full name (last name, first name), using vbscripting, how can yo..

Answer / naveen arora

fullname = "Arora Naveen"
last = Left(fullname, InStr(1, fullname, " "))
print last
first = Right(fullname, InStr(1, fullname, " "))
Print first

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