How to update patch in production server where solaris is

How to update patch in production server where solaris is running?..

Answer / tulasi nath

Step 1: First take the backup of all the mail configuration
files like /etc/system, /etc.vfstab, /etc/mnttab, df -h,
Step 2: Download the patch from or
from the CJS server.
Step 3: Raise a ticket to the concern teams for the
downtime to install the patch.
Step 4: Get the approvals from the client about the change
management for installing the patch.
Step 5: We have to study the README.txt file to follow the
procedure for installing the patch.
step 6: Check the previously installed patch using showrev -
p or patchadd -p
Step 7: If the disk is in root mirrioring, we have to
detach the root mirror and restart the server.
step 8: We need to check by the disks are woring fine or
not by logging into single user mode.
step 9: We need to confirm from the sun people whether the
patch is suitable on the server on which we are going to
install whether it supports or not.
Step 10: If all the approvals and the patch is ready
install the patch using the command patchadd patchname.
Step 11: restart the server to check the cpu utilization
after the installation of the patch.
step 12: we need to keep in observation for 3 to 4 days.
step 13: If the utilization is great than 60% we have the
patch is not supported so we have to install the previous
patch using the command patchadd -d
step 14: If every thing is fine the patch is installed and
we may use the server.

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