What are the differences between an Ethernet switch and a

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What are the differences between an Ethernet switch and a hub?..

Answer / durgesh pednekar

switch operates on data link layer.
hub operates on physical layer only.

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What are the differences between an Ethernet switch and a hub?..

Answer / mvadivell

In a hub, a frame is passed along or "broadcast" to every
one of its ports. It doesn't matter that the frame is only
destined for one port. The hub has no way of distinguishing
which port a frame should be sent to. Passing it along to
every port ensures that it will reach its intended
destination. This places a lot of traffic on the network
and can lead to poor network response times.

Additionally, a 10/100Mbps hub must share its bandwidth
with each and every one of its ports. So when only one PC
is broadcasting, it will have access to the maximum
available bandwidth. If, however, multiple PCs are
broadcasting, then that bandwidth will need to be divided
between all of those systems, which will degrade

A switch, on the other hand, keeps a record of the MAC
addresses of all the devices connected to it. With this
information, a switch can identify which system is sitting
on which port. So when a frame is received, it knows
exactly which port to send it to, which significantly
increases network response times. And, unlike a Hub, a
10/100Mbps switch will allocate a full 10/100Mbps to each
of its ports. So regardless of the number of PCs
transmitting, users will always have access to the maximum
amount of bandwidth. It's for these reasons

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What are the differences between an Ethernet switch and a hub?..

Answer / s.m.feroz ahmed

Difference between Ethernet Switch and hub is Ethernet
Switch can accomodate upto minimum of 48 ports and hub can
accomodate a maximum of 24 ports .Ethernet Switch can be
configured whereas hub cannot be configured .With the help
of Ethernet Switch the port speed can be maintained and
this is not possible in hub.

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What are the differences between an Ethernet switch and a hub?..

Answer / sonwabile

Ethernet hub is used segment LAN into a couple of small
segments while Ethernet switch is used to segment large LAN
into many segments. Hub have few for LAN connectivity while
switch have many. The seperate collision domain.

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