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What command would you use to find out the names of Novell

servers on a network?

A. show ipx servers

B. show ipx hosts

C. show ipx sap

D. show ipx nodes.

What command would you use to find out the names of Novell servers on a network? A. show ipx s..

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Answer: A

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What utility can you use to see the path a packet takes through an internetwork? A.) Route B.) SNMP C.) Trace D.) Ping

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What is the command use to add a banner to a cisco router configuration?

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Which service uses telephone control messages and signals between the transfer points along the way to the called destination? A. Signaling System 7 (SS7) B. Time-division Multiplexing (TDM) C. X.25 D. Frame relay

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Identify the command to run 'setup'? A.) Router(config)#setup B.) Router?setup C.) Router#setup D.) Router>setup

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IP standard access lists use which of the following as a basis for permitting or denying packets? A.) destination address B.) port C.) protocol D.) source address

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What is HDLC?

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Identify the named IP access-list number range? A.) 600 - 699 B.) 1 - 99 C.) 900 - 999 D.) 200 - 299 E.) none of the above

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hello sir , if i finish this certification is the job is conform ?? and in chennai were i can do this ??

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Which of the following are examples of ICMP? A.) Traceroute B.) Web Browsing C.) Ping D.) Telnet E.) Destination Unreachable message from a router F.) Inverse Tunnels

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What are some standards supported by the Presentation layer?

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Identify the 3 key features of the Cisco Discovery Protocol? A.) Off by default B.) Will allow for the discovery of layer 3 addresses on neighbor routers C.) Verifies connectivity D.) Open standard E.) Does not require any layer 3 protocols to be configured

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Which Circuit is mostly used by Clients in Frame-Relay PVC or SVC ?

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