What command would you use to find out the names of Novell

servers on a network?

A. show ipx servers

B. show ipx hosts

C. show ipx sap

D. show ipx nodes.

What command would you use to find out the names of Novell servers on a network? A. show ipx s..

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Answer: A

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Your Ethernet interface currently has the IP address of You would like it to have a second IP address of Which command will do that? A.) ip address B.) ip address secondary C.) ip address D.) This cannot be done, you can only have 1 IP address per physical interface. E.) ip address /24

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Routers can learn about destinations through static routes, default, or dynamic routing. By default, a router will use information derived from __________. A. IGRP B. RIP C. IP D. TCP

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