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How to send duplicates to one target and unique rows to one target?target is empty

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what is the difference between lookupoveride and joiner?

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what is plsql table?

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how to declare array in plsql?

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Can we inherit the constructor in a Class?please give one example.


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What is the Difference between Broadcaste Domain and Collison Domain and where it is used ?

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I opened gmail login into gmail and i have to save (Pass or move) all the mail into notepad please give me code Thanks of all



I have to pass all the test cases into gmail userid and password using functions please give me code thanks have anice and greate day

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Hello, I have cleared technical,Hr round in accenture.The hr also told me that she will send me the offer letter in a day.But i have not received offer letter yet.Why is it getting delayed?Will i get this offer?Plz let me know

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Can we automate the application if it's manual testing is Adhock Testing


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Changes and enhancements to system?



When search all is used in cobol program without sorted input data?

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Can we create VSAM file by using IEBGENER?

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structural difference between bitmap and btree index ?


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Can any one tell me how to write test data. i mean, to test each input, 2 test input(1 for +ve, & other for -ve) are given. so , for example, if i want to write test data for login form, how many test data should i write in test case?



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What is a node in drupal?


How is the 'shipping point' determined by the system?


whtch file system support the tcp/ip , http protocal and ftp protocal?


Is use case diagram static or dynamic?


How do I configure a client machine to use a specific ip address?


What is Square pixels?


Why Does An Organization Need To Manage The Workloads?


i need a test plan for there is a "VACATION PACKAGES" section on the website.. i am a bit confused about how to create a test plan for that.


if i have a query as flat file how can we load data to target table


Which Python library is used for machine learning?


How does placing some code lines between the comment symbol help in debugging the code?


What is molap and its advantage? : sql server analysis services, ssas


Explain what could possibly be the problem if a valid function name such as tolower() is being reported by the c compiler as undefined?


What do you meant by active and passive objects?


Explain the Inductive Learning in Machine Learning?