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difference between semiconductor & conductor & insulator?


A Customs Inspector is required to apply laws and regulations. What experience do you have in applying laws and regulations?


In the absence of any provision in the partnership agreement, profits and losses are shared (a) In the ratio of capitals. (b) Equally. (c) In the ratio of loans given by them to the partnership firm. (d) None of the above.


How can we upload pdf files in qtp?


how give earthing conection to household equipment?


how to test load test and block box testing an a web based application pls give ans briefly


Please send the details and fee for Intools training course..I would like to do the course in second week of jUNE 2010.


I worked with $message and $$message, Bt its not working?..


hi friends pls send to me any one have or guide me for model papers or previous papers of ISTQB certification exam foundation level


What and where are the policy statements for software project planning?


What is Non-Linear Filters?


4. Calculate the following from the particulars given below: i) Material Cost Variance ii) Material Price Variance iii) Material Usage Variance iv) Material Mix Variance v) Material Yield Variance Material Standard Actual Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs. Qty kgs. Price Rs Value Rs A 50 4 200 40 5 200 B 30 6 180 30 6 180 C 20 3 60 30 3 90 100 440 100 470 Loss 20 ----- 30 ----- 80 440 70 470


I need BHEL Engineer Trainee written test papers in Mechanical stream.


who are the stake holders in gathering requirement of a new product


thyristor controlled APFC panel design parameter?