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i live in the us,i am an anerican.i would like to go to the u.k and lease a pub.i do not have 50,000 for the entrepreneur or the 1m for theinvestor visa what are some other visas that i can look in to. can i use a workers visa,since i am not buying a pub


In South Africa, the value added tax is administered by?


Cognos Online Training will be provided. prior training with all real time aspects. Comprehensive training will be given in Datawarehousing concepts , cognos 8.4 and cognos 10 versions. Contact


in trading credit why does goods sent on consignment come?


dear orissa circle candidate selected in sbi clerk 2010, did any one has got the offer letter or any info. abt the medical test date.plz pass the news in detail at or at 9885560854 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


what is your career objective?


I am totally confused on IMS message segments. When I create a message and it contains 5 segments does the entire message have a 32k limit or does each segment have a 32k limit? Is there a setting in the stage1 sys gen that defines if a transaction can receive/send multi-segmented messages?


naphtha and hexane mixture can be used a fuel or not


what is the difference between impact force and sudden force? pls give any example.


How long has your spouse been in USA?


why transmission is only 3 phase and not 2 or 4 or poly phases


why we need to us lenz's law for synchornous motor


what is the role of freeware in middleware solutions?


77 a pic s9(5)comp-3,77 b pic x(5),move a to b or b to a?is possible or not.


if we not carried out B check at mean time in DG set what will be happen?