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What is cotangent Account?


hello good aftarnoon,sir i m working in sultanate of oman last 12 years whenever i m coming on leve to mumbai the mumbai custams allways giving broblem me. thay asking me how many watch,perfums,gold,silver electronics,and etc you having?if i m going by for my personel usage thinks our i Rs WORTH HOW mutch i can bring? pls advice me.


Does all the output contacts (N/O as well as N/C) of a Numerical relay operate when relay receives a binary input/inputs or contacts are designated to specific logic input/inputs and only these contacts operate?


Hi, I've a mapping with flat file source The target update override property for the target table is using update stmt. There is no update strategy between source and target. Also The session has the target properties as Insert , Update as update options checked. Does this mean that recs will be inserted only and the update override will not be applied at all. Thanks


How TCP/IP Handles Sequencing?


why top layer of block work shoud be full size if any cut block adjustable than another layer?


I have both the C1/D visa and the B1/2 visa, which were granted on the same date and will expire on the same date. I no longer work for the airline anymore; will I still be able to use the B1/2 to enter the US? As a tourist? Thanks


what is enhancement Testing and how to perform enhancement Testing of any website


what id a dry type transformers and its function ?


test measurment techniques


1. What is coefficient use for calculation of shuttering. 2. What is coefficient use for calculation of reinforcement in one cum of concrete.


What is Sampling for area measurements?


1. What is bound-by-call and bound-by-reference? 2. Where and why is *Nomain used? 3. What are the difficulties faced by programmers when using service programs? 4. Explain the different ways of parsing and compiling XML in iSeries.


Which are period end closing jobs in company?


what is the difference between Batch test runner and framework ?