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what environmental performance criteria are used in your company


what is difference between controlnet,devicenet protocol?


Leakage current,un balance current which relay using for high voltage transmission?


What are the drawbacks of tissue slices technique?


i want placement papers of GAMELOFT software company and the information regarding windows operating system and MS-office questions


I am presently a B.E graduate in electronics and communication . I want to know will it be a right choice for me to apply for Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant exam going to be held in April 2014.As i am more interested in government job rather than private and I have tried to government job in my field but due to high competition and less number of vacancies I wasn't selected.I also want to know that as the D.A ha increased by 10% this Jan,what will be the salary of newly appointed Postal assistant and what is the scope of PA/SA and what is the system of promotions and increment if one gets job? Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you


How to define the QA check list and assign the severity?


Sir, I'Ve interview with IBM . I want few SAP-SD real time tickets and its solution . ... E-Mail New Answers Answer Selected Questions Post New SD Question ...


Please, i am a final year student in nigeria and i have a project on pension fund administration and i need help in starting.


How is improve my knowledge in construction industries....


I am fresher and i have completed my software testing course and i don't have real time experience,can anybody help me regarding financial domain projects,main testcases in that domain.


Who has the most influence in ur life? & in which way?


how to find that tools work well with your existing system?


how is the magnetic current test is different in delta-star and delta delta transformer.


how 2 prepare for group 1 exam i donot have time to take coaching pls send me material to my mail