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What control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs


How to melt the solidified copper accretions in copper scrap melting furnace?


What is the meaning Work bench?


Is there any way of passing values at runtime? Like scanf does in C.


Why are you going Swiss ?


How to test PAGE LOAD TIME, RELOAD THE PAGE, CAPTURE THE URL'S , TEST THE PIXALS please please above all these how to test as a tester


What are two formats of WWN defined by the IEEE?


I would like to know the kinds of questions that could come up with regard to backend testing? As i am new to this field would also know if backend testing is restricted only to sql and unix. If at all anyone has any information on the same kindly get back to me..thanks


(1) In turbine, what does term CDP, NI, NH, HSSOC, means. (2) What is the purpose of LO overhead tank in turbines.(3) An equipment is certified for EEX, IA, IIC,T6, what do you under stand by this.(4) what is SURGE, and how it is prevented, what is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve.(5) Give 2 application of quartz crystal used for process parameter measurement.(6) what is meant by cold float of compressor shaft. (7) state four different types of flow measurement. For gas flow measurement mmscfd is the common unit. Expand the unit and specify significance of word S in the unit.(8) what is meant by Gap voltage, in vibration measurement. Normally how much Gap voltage is set and state the reason.(9) what will the new flow factor if D/P transmitter is Re-Ranged from 25” wc to 50” wc.(10) what is the usage of QDV & Volume booster.


please send aptitude test papers for reference with answers


How to Use escape codes with the format() function ?


Whether excise can be be levied from consumer on power consumption.


How to write a test case for an extra Commerce website can any one tell this with the help of a table


please briefly explain the Discharge process and Formula of Centrifugal Pump


how to get electrical supervisour certificate in gujarat