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How to conduct solubility study of highly degrading product in aqueous medias (pH 1 to 6.8)


Where do you store your custom images (like logos)?


Which are the Duties of H.R. & H.R.Department?


list out four public documents filed with roc which are public documents can be reviewed.


the data type used for unlimited value in c and how to do this program


What is Fixed threshold?


Have you ever worked with QA in developing test tools? Explain the participation Development should have with QA in leveraging such test tools for QA use.


By mistake tds on salary short deducted and this mistake find to TDS officer and told the staff after one year that deposit the amount with interest through TAN. what these amount deposit through employee pan or tan. pls. suggest the right way. dharmendra tandon, Lucknow


list c&f agents in cochin


How to change an ISAPI DLL project to a CGI project, or vice-versa?


what is DRP panels?


What is Remote Server?


What is IEEE P1363 ?


Explain difference between stand by earth fault and residual earth fault protection?


Write a C program that will accept a hexadecimal number as input and then display a menu that will permit any of the following operations to be carried out: Display the hexadecimal equivalent of the one's complement. (b) Carry out a masking operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (c) Carry out a bit shifting operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (d) Exit. If the masking operation is selected, prompt the user lor the type of operation (bitwise and, bitwise exclusive or, or bitwise or) and then a (hexadecimal) value for the mask. If the bit shifting operation is selected. prompt the user for the type of shift (left or right), and then the number of bits. Test the program with several different (hexadecimal) input values of your own choice.