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why should i declare foreign key constraint as self relation instead of binary relation in tables ?


Explain Default cursor Type and LockEdits type in RDO?


what will be maximum number of comparisons when number of elements are given?


MY wife & me both rworking in same organisation.i purchased a flat in my name recently.As per income tax act u can choose one house in ur choice for self ccupied purpose & all other house is assumed to be my question is that,shall i purchase another new house in my wife name and that house can i take as self occupied of my wife ?Plz suggest me in this regards in briefly.


What is SecurID ?


When a message flow is deployed into integration server it is carried to integration node so what is the internal representation of data for message flow that Integration Node can understand ?


can we get profile values in report without using user exists is it possible how?


hi every body..i have applied for RRB section engineers CIVIL.i wanna prepare for that,so can any one suggest me some books and where can i get the syllabus for this..i would be vry greatful if any one can help in this regard


What all are the problems you have faced in weblogic?


am attend to bank exam(iob)pls send model questions


if the accident met in a factory, the prilminery case fieling should be followed in that time have any rights filing a criminal by police man?


can anyone help me out with names of 3 leading 1)logistics companies 2) supply chain companies in the world


I have an Interview about Guidewire claimcenter,so could you provide any info regd it?.I would really appreciate any kind of help- email at


what is the quality require for post of development executive for pharmaceutical product development?


How can retify the errors in the trial balance