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how you decrease overconfident & laziness ??


03. a. The water cement ratio for achieving maximum strength of concrete is…… 1 b. Water/ cement is inversely proportional to-------------- 1 c. Increasing the slump decreases the strength: True / false 1


what is the scientific process of cultivetion of medicinal plant like safed musli and seena for indian climate.?


Describe the colour rendering properties of i) tungsten filament lamps ii) tubular fluorescent lamp


How much is being raised in this round? - Venture Capitalists


state two major differences between the practice of personnel management and human resource management.irrespective of these is practised what needs to be measured?


Explain the MasterSource/MasterFields behavior?


i have purchase flat Rs.51279327/- + stamp duty registration charges + MVAT + Service tax = 5332370/- & other charges Rs.2012540/- please late me journal entry in Fixed asssets.


what would a proxy server do? what is primary domain controller? what is DNS?how does it differ froma DHCP?


Where can I find version information for previous SAP BusinessObjects releases?


hi all i have doe cheical engg, but i have to go for iob po interview so can anybody suggest me abt the kind of qns that can be asked.


Hi Friends , i need one urgent help , i am preparing for entrance examination , i need some obejective questions related to instrumentation field. where can i get those ? can anyone help me pls ?


What are modes of quantification in related substances


why rs232 is used in uart when there are many rs devices like rs449 etc . what is the main advantage in using rs232


What is the Differnce B/W Quality Management and Quality Control