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what kind of questions generally asked for ME admission, (specially in RGPV).


need of crystal client in sap bo integrationkit?


Test approach to windows update?


What are the different types of Structural Patterns?


What is the use of recvfrom(2) Function?


How does quality affect the business?


please anyone can help me in giving dumps in ISTQB for foundation level


How much for the BRC lapping in full yield and half yield < and which table to get it ?


How would you rate your ability as a Bar Manager?


I'm currently placed in Lahore Pakistan. where can i do Microsoft certification. let me know the best place to do.?


what is the difference and similarities between the outer body covering of free-living and parasitic flatworms?


sir,i'm suresh i'm purchasing final year in vbit in can i go coaching for civils....and it will take how much time in a day small request is it correct way to coaching now......but it's my life goal..........


Hi sir/madam,I am pursuing MBA specialization in marketing. And my UG is Bachelor of hotel management and hotel.And in job interview they asked me that " why you want join this job ( marketing of FMCG And other Industry like retail, Banking Marketing etc) if your base was hotel management why you are not try for the job in hotel sector ?"" What answer can I say for this question?please reply me.


pls if any one have idea ,reply as soon as possible 1.Allied solution group inc. is a genuine company or not ? 2.what is update module. 3.Transaction: scc3 what it is?


write a code for this. serial_number contained in the header of the file will be read , if this serial number is less than a previous serial number within a successfully processed file, or is the same as another serial number within a successfully processed file, or if the field contains anything other than 7 digits, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid SERIAL_NUMBER’.