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How many sprinklers should be in one pipe line?


state basic meaning of 'INDUSTIAL AUTOMATION'?


How much costly in percentage wise is sandwich busduct costly than air insulated busduct of any rating?


I have got 5yrs multiple B1/B2 visa. I have visited USA in Aug10 alone. Now i am planing to visit again with my wife young daughter of 4months age. What are the documents do i need for now? What question my wife can expect from Visa officer on the day of interview ?


how could we calculate the no of outgoings from a 800 watt distribution board


Can u explain an Examples of 2D signals and transforms?


why you choose accounting as your career ? ?


4. According to 2001 census urban-rural population ratio is about— (A) 35 : 65 (B) 32 : 68 (C) 28 : 72 (D) 25 : 75 I. Choose the correct answer from the given options. (One mark each) 1. SEBI is a— (A) Statutory body (B) Advisory body (C) Constitutional body (D) Non-statutory body 10. Which is not the characteristic of socialist or planned economy ? (A) Government is the owner of resources (B) Production decisions are determined by the government (C) Profit motive (D) None of the above 19. How many industries have been reserved for government sector at present ? (A) 03 (B) 04 (C) 05 (D) 06


How it can worked plc based electrical system And which type of software using.


What is Assync in XML api which version of XML parser u worked with ?


___,___ and __ are difference between image and picture controls.


what is the use of fact tables in your banking project doveleped with teradata?


what are the direct expense of loan department in banks.


How to connect the .accdb database file of microsoft access to the Visual Basic 6.0 forms?


client know skid info?