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What the first thing You’ll do as a SQA Tester if I hired You?


Hi Experts, can any one explain me the step by step process to implement security in BI/BW and what are the authorization objects we use to BI/BW , How can the security is different between R/3 and BI/BW, I appreciate your help


Giving fire call access and extending fire call access by using VIRSA’s VFAT tool? can u brief give the explanation


what are the jobs comes under tnpsc group 2??


Hello..I got slected for Union Bank personal interview.My interbiew is on May 5,Bangalore.People who have attended the personal interview of UNION BANK clerical exam(May 2011) plz share information.


What is the purpose of bilge separator


What is the main difference between Map collections and other collections such as Set.


What is the use of string function toupper(string)?


what are different grades of mild steel available for making machine structure (housing)


how we sort two input files based on a common column and giving one o/p file please send me the coding logic?


master data of fi -gl , fi-ap,fi-ar,fi-as


if a number of plc s are there then how many modbus to be used


im a market dealer having 2.5 years of experience & i have done MIRPM. Did i have any chance to get a job in foreign & which certification did help me to get a good job with nice pay-scale there?


what is the difference between share and debenture?


In Enterprise Structure, we maintain Language and Currency for various fields,, what is the diff e.g we have at Company level, CCA, Company Code, Sales Org etc...