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Sir 33kva 2 transformer load 900 amp calc 1800 amp mana jayega


How will you differentiate alleles of a gene in the double strand of DNA?


i installed clustering packages.When i try to run it getting LUCI error...what is it..??


what is inter-company transaction? what is Inter-Branch transaction?


How to caluculate the value of Corporate Profit, the value of personal savings and the value of indirect tax?


how to select the capacity of an exhaust blower( exhaust booth) in an automobile industry.


write the programme that convert a interger to biniry number


what are the uses of fact table and dimension table in banking project?


We use MCCB not MCB for motor starters because MCCBs has capablity to drawout the motor starting current which is 5-6 times the full load current of motor for 1sec. Then why we use SDF in starter panel means MCC panels. Pls reply if any one knows this answer.


Using APIPA (Automatic Private Internet Protocol Address) a network can be formed or no?


what is the reset offset and control system in instrumentation


how to count 4 column with two "and" condition in oracle? e.g task_type and cust_type and service_type are 3 column and we hv to count where task_type="new"and cust_type="jdp" and resulting column name will be new cust with jdp..and also we hv to count where task_type="new"and service_type="fs" resulting column name will be new cust with fs..


Richman Corporation has 120,000 shares of $5 par value common stock outstanding. It declared a 10% stock dividend on June 1 when the market price per share was $12. The shares were issued on June 30. Instructions: Prepare the necessary entries for the declaration and payment of the stock dividend.


Explain the function and difference of Restricted earth fault, simple earth fault and sensitive earth fault with connection diagram.


How to Write a UDP Datagram Client?