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first aid to person affected with electrical shock


What are the types of cleaning main engine Turbo Charger blower side?


Please mail me the TDS rates for the year 07-08?


why we have to particulary use ACB for below ratings,even available of MCB,MCCB with that range ?


what is the rule of TDS Deduction for Pvt Ltd Company ??? And What rule of not TDS Deduct for PVT LTD company ???


how to select diiferent power transformers of same capacity on no load loss and full load loss by economical point of view.?


Dear Team, I am raju, want to know what exactly what need to be explained to the interviewer about the business process,whether its our company business process or the client business process?


who is your role model and why?


How to update and insert from datagridview at run time in excel database?


What is the read mode in generic navigation block web item- read mode specifies


pls its urgent!!!!!!! can u tell me which companies are hiring fresher for industrail training???i know only two companies cmc which is in bandra n biz tech solution in kandivali. can anyone knows other companies??how much fees r they taking?? what about biz technology?this company is good to join if anyone has did d industrial training in biz technology then pls reply as urgent as possible. thank you ....waiting for replyyyyy


What is different type testing you done when doing webbase application.the desktop application


How can we communicate as realistic a picture as possible of a job and of the organization to prospective employees? What kinds of issues are most crucial to them?


Can you give a list of standard web items delivered?


When looking at a flanged extension pipe and it is labeled DN20, just what does that mean or intel?