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What is method validation in quality control


wht is different between defered tax liablities and defered tax assets??????


compare the conditional operator with if-else-if statement.


why 3 phase is converted into 2 phase using electronics circuit why not 2 phases are diresctly putted from the 3 phase transformer??


Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet connected ODBC dbengine.


Mostly what type of manufactures are coming under TDS and basic rate for each category


If Web site developer want to evaluate their current authoring tool, where would they start?


In which code the the maximum height of concrete casting has been explained


how make a bootable dick


why DEPB Licence application is doing


whether we can implement VPN based on UDP? If yes then tell how? If no tell why not?


Hi, I am Samrat Saha. I did BCA & MBA ( major HR & minor System). i m 2009 passout. i also did Oracle Apps Core HRMS & SCM( O2C Transaction & setup, OM setup, Po Setup, INV Setup) certification... I Had 9 month experience on HR domain.. now i want to switch in Oracle Apps, as Functionalist.. i need help to get a job.. my email:


sir iam going for an interview on feb 2nd week and i would like too ask questions that they will pose too me 1:i hav choosen conchordia wisconsin why these university what should b my answer 2:i had selected mis in mba from conchordioa university why these course if they question wat should b my answer 3:and last question is wat is guarantee u will come bck my dad works as a production manager in saudi arabia soo wat should b my anser too them because i am going for mba wat should b my answer for return gurantee pls reply too me it will b gr8 off u yours sicerly


How is an s-box value of AES can be modified? How is it done?


plss anybody specify tha constrian management system in dbms