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Draw a wheatstone bridge circuit showing supply, meter and 3 wire RTD connection


I am learning sap-sd , is it the basic sap-sd configuration technique only that I should learn ? Will it be enough to appear at the interview ?


which flowers have no chance of being pollinated, bright colored flowers or white flowers?


Is M-ary PSK bandwidth efficient or power efficient


Why the error "Operation must use an updateable query"?


Where will it be used?


Derive capacitance to 4-20ma conversion formula / relation in capacitance type pressure sensor?


How are you surviving without a job?


We are a manufacturing organisation , the product produced are batch detemined ( every day we have a different Batch No day wise). Part of the finished product produced is taken by another department to manufacture thier final product . We transfer material from one storage location to another and have activtaed the back flush indicator for manufacturing the finished product of department 2. The transfer of the product from dept 1 to dept 2 is of different batches . will the system do automatic back flushing for the final product of dept 2. If yes please let me know.


What is Capital Commitments means?


im recently married. my husband had 2 years of h1 visa and he worked there 1 year back he is back in india his visa got expired this november. now we are trying for a visitors visa showing that my husband is working in india since 1 year..... im a house wife.... what type of questions would i face in the interview.


explain overloaded constrator © constractor


speak about your collage days for five minutes


write a shell script to emulate the Id command of PRIMOS which lists files and directories. It list files first with a header FILES and then directories with a header DIRECTORIES. This command has several options. The main ones are. -file select files only -dir select directories only -reverse sort in reverse order -no_header put no header on the output -brief output the header only -size display the size of each file -help display Id´s syntax and options.


what is the transformer turn ratio formula and give some examples?