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in valve is constructed as per SME B 16.34, then which standard is used for fire testing of valve?.


how to send bottlenecks in Load runner ?


What gives your company a competitive advantage? - Venture Capitalists


Hi friends,My SBI clerical interview is on 6th May.So please whoever attended the interview,kindly share the experience.It would be grateful.Waiting for a positive response.Thank u.My mail id is


Please let me know about answer for my Question as "What is the maximum wastage allowable of HYSD Steel in any Bridge project as per Code and Code reference also ?


what is difference between group above and group left report


Can private limited comapny be the Holding Comapny of other Private lImited Compnay?


what are the features in cognos8ui


first aid to person affected with electrical shock


What do you mean by client /server for a post scarcity world


whom you love the most mom or dad ? & if ur answer is mom than why mom not dad ?? & if dad than why dad not mom ??


How to Add a document to the Windows 95 Start Button's documents ?


What is the purpose of increasing the pressure on the F.O. system of the engine?


i got rejected on dec 8th first,,dey said income source n all that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when everything was well enough,,and again today on dec 17th..i got rejected..that guy said student intent to study is not seen, what on earth am i to do?...and i have again tried my luck for the last time. its on dec 29th..anyone please can help me with this? if i was not intended to study why would i be trying and trying/


which purchases is profitable for us a building material purchases from direct of contactor ?