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Please anyone send me previous papers of ONGC (Mechanical Engineering) at my email id Please help me.


After doubling voltage from solar cells & use step down voltage transformer can we get high current output with low voltage.


sir I have received a email from marutisuzuki forsalary rs.40000 to 50000/- before the interview the e mail says I deposit 15000/- for security deposit. Is it OK ? or is it fake interview email? Iam new to job interview


Can you tell me Product costing to CO-PA integration step by step ? Technical things ?


Japanese were the first to utilize fuzzy logic practically on high-speed trains in Sendai. a) True b) False


A motor car purchased on 1 apr 10 worth rs 10000 taking a loan from bank of rs 8000. Emi will b 500 pm inclusive of interest rs 100 pm.all repayments are done by bank overdraft. Prepase bshEet & P&L as at 31 mar 10


what is the use of special general ledger if the normal trasaction in usage.


how much TDS required in telecommunication services ? Any types of Telecommunication, provider or services receiver


plz can some one tel me "The concept of stock holder's equity and paid in capital".


What is compound gage


plz send the rrb junior engg and assistant loco pilot previous quastion papers


what is cnc machine hour rate? how it is calculated?


Hi any one send me the configuration steps for make to order and make to stock in sap .send to my mail id


suri transmission


------------ FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: QUESTION: What will be your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that then firm has adequate cash in hand to meet its obligations at all times. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: QUESTION:The present state of recession in the IT industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis? MARKETING MANAGEMENT: QUESTION:If you are working in a supermarket, what are the tools / techniques you will use in data collection?How you are going to analyse this data and market inferences? How will you finally apply your marketresearch to improve sales and win over customers? ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR: QUESTION:If you are made the campaign leader for particular party, how will you use your leadership skills to motivate your party men to ensure success of the party nominee in the elections (Focus on Individual, motivate and apply leadership style). PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT: QUESTION: How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organisation (target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals? PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS: QUESTION:Suppose the price of elasticity of demand for text books is two and the price of the text book is increased by 10%. By how much quantity the demands fall? Inter the result and discuss reasons for the fall of quantity demand?