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What would be salary for 8+ years of experience in ASP.NET in different metro city in india?


what is your career objective?


We have Demin Closed cooling water system with expansion tank for cooling oil system. Expansion tank having N2 bladder. Whenever N2 bladder bursts out, Closed cooling water circuit pressure drops and make-up happening, eventhough there is no leaks. And how Circuit pressure drops?


I am looking for SAP FICO training in Bangalore (not authorized). Please advise.


what are the priliminary expectations from smoke testing from developer and QA point of view


what is the shortkey of print preview in M.S. EXCEL?


What is a continuation triple? what is the use of limit sys?


Hi I have been selected for central bank of India Po.My interview is on 23 nov 2010.I have done B.E.(CS) in 2007.I have one year experience but for 2 yrs i dont have experience also I am not doing any job.Will they reject me.also please tell me some technical questions that they can ask me.


what is the function of impulse relay


i m a 2nd yr student.. i can be placed in my degree but still should i think for MBA?


How do you Export a session ?


What is CCB and MTBF, why should we use this.


what 2 do 2 be a good postal assistant n how 2 apply bfor foreign?


If I want to execute Sftp commands(LS & GET) stored in Physical file from CL program automatically...Can u Plz tell me how can I do this?...How the script will look?? THANX FOR NY HELP...


What experience do you have of setting and meeting sales targets, both personally and as a sales team?