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who is management guru? what base he selected as a management guru?


my graduate school had my gre score sent to them by ets but up till now that i am about to attend the interview i do not have my copy of the score


what is ZBA hold & balance hold in banking?


Can you build a good audit trail using Compuware's QACenter products. Explain why.


I have completed my P.G Diploma Form U.K and now i want to study Global MBA in U.S.A. I have applied to U.S.A Visa Three Times. I have applied 2 times From London U.S Embassy for visit Visa (b2) and one time From New Delhi for Student F1 Visa for Southern new Hampshire University. Now i am applying for the same university. All the 3 times i was rejected under section 214(b). This will be 4th U.S Visa Interview. My Sponsor is my Uncle who is U.S Citizen my father due to some loss in business he could not able to support me my father is having only Rs 6-8 Lacs in his A/C which is not sufficient for university which i have selected. Please guide as i have to face interview in next month. What will be the chances of getting visa?


what are the key job responsbilites of area mamager in pharma


Which was the most difficult sale you made?


why do you think you are better than others ??


Hi friends,anybody can send me previous HAL interview question paper OR all other interview question paper. To,


What % of your time is spent on a daily basis working with the sales employees?


tell me abt food & drug administration exam its eligibility & syllabus


What is differences between SCS-1,2 and 3


Can double compression glands be used with regular cables?


1.antenna is passive or active?? add why? 2.diff b/w tch drop & tch block?? 3 diff. b/w sdcch drop & sdcch block??


what are pilot cells