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Coal mill Instruments Equipments for cement plant And process diagram ?


Can tou send me RRB mumbai's section engg model exam papers?


why +1 to be followed for calculating the no of bars in BBS. Please explain


what is the gross salary of ssc data entry operator


hai i need bhel model question paper for supervisor plz send this mail id


Whether HTML supports multimedia: and document links?


What is mean by incident logging system ?


Pls help me to know about Teradata V2R6 certification...


Explain the display properties?


Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint for 2 webelements Bed:4 and Bath:2 Full,1 partial in my result page and I am storing the value in the data table. I dont need the string Bed:4,I would like to get only the no 4. How can I get it? Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full value "bed 4". Same thing happend for second webelement Bath:2 Full,1 partial I need only the No 2. I used the following to split MyArray = Split(UIBathResult, " ", -1, 1) But it is giving the value My Array(0)=Bath:2full,1Partial I need the only the nos for further comparision.Any help? Thanks Uma


how to prepare for an written exam for any type of company?


why only exciting current is shown not primary current in transformer???


How would you relate your key competencies to this position as store manager??


hello,please can any one tell me who is best faculty for in naresh it....i heard that mr.nagaraju and mr.rakesh sing both are i am confused to take one particular faculty. classes please if any attend classes just give me clarity of teaching style..i mean ..who is best...


Hi, We are introducing incentive policy for our union employees So, I am preparing terms & conditions for this policy. Can any body have your company policy pls send me through mail @