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Topic :: Beta Testing

Please post whatever information you know about Beta Testing


Topic ::
  Beta Testing
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  Re: Beta Testing
# 1
testing performed after software is being aditya sharma
Aditya Sharma
  Re: Beta Testing
# 2
Beta Testing:-It is conducted at the end users site
Renuka & Satish
  Re: Beta Testing
# 3
If the software is product then Beta testing will be done.
Beta Testing:
             If the testers and model customers combines
test the software in customer site,then it is called Beta
  Re: Beta Testing
# 4
Beta Testing is the process of giving the product to 
customers and let them do the testing at their environment.

Simple fact, if ur company is Product based company, u 
don?t have any customers as such. U developed ur won 
product and sell in open market. Whoever buys ur product is 
ur customers. So u usually tries to generate the possible 
customer?s environment for testing both Alpha and Beta
  Re: Beta Testing
# 5
Beta Testing
Operational testing at a site not otherwise involved with 
the software developers.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 6
Beta Testing:  Testing the application in the customer site 
by the end users before release the product in to 
  Re: Beta Testing
# 7
Beta testing:
is is also king of user acceptance test performed at the 
client site with the Beta testers
  Re: Beta Testing
# 8
Beta testing 
when the project is tested in user side ...its called beta 
testing ..
  Re: Beta Testing
# 9
Beta testing is conducted at the customer site by the end 
user of delivered software product
Suneel Reddy
  Re: Beta Testing
# 10
The software has reached "beta" stage when it is operating 
with most of its functionality, and is ready for user 

Beta tests enable the software to be tested in customer 
environments, giving users the opportunity to exercise the 
software, find errors, and correct them before a product is 
released. For beta test, the software is delivered to 
customers' sites, along with instructions on what features 
to exercise in the software. The developer records, tracks, 
and addresses reported bugs.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 11
beta testing is nothing but testing of application by user 
at user site, without monitoring of developer.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 12
Beta testing is done by the end user. Developer is not
present there.
Nitin Verma
  Re: Beta Testing
# 13
Beta Testing is nothing but testing of complete Software 
product in the Testing Environment i.e built as Client side 
environment in presence of Client at the Client side. 
Here the Client check the product or test it using his 
inputs in presence of Tester and if Client got any 
problem , the tester report that to the development team as 
a Defect.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 14
It should be done by End-users in their enviroment in the 
presence of relasing team.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 15
Beta testing is generally done for a product. This testing 
process is genarally conducted by the third party oter than 
the testers who have done the actual testing. The testing 
should be like how the enduser use it.
It can be compared with user acceptance testing for a 
  Re: Beta Testing
# 16
Beta Testing:

It is tested by end users at client site before releaseing 
into the production.

correct me if i am wrong.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 17
From the word beta itself we need to understand onething 
beta means sample of that same product. whenever testing 
goes on a beta version product then we can say it is beta 
EX: i worked in Search-Engine product in that they release 
beta version to test the followings:
 To check wheather all functionalities are working properly
 wheather it handling maximum load 
 Any unexpected Issue is arising
In simple words we can say before constructing the 
apartment we will draw paper plan and sample building with 
plastic or something to show it to customer like this 
apartment will be.. if any defect is in that the engineers 
will fix it same like that beta test perform.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 18
Beta Testing  is last stage of testing where a product is 
sent outside the company or offer the product for free 
trial download.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 19
Beta Testing  is last stage of testing where a product is 
sent outside the company or offer the product for free 
trial download.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 20
beta tesing: testing the application at the clients this the customer is provided with a trial 
version and he tests the application with tat trial 
version..if he is satisfied with the project he will given 
the original version...if the customer is not satisfied 
then the organistion will undergo changes
  Re: Beta Testing
# 21
Beta testing means testing done by the customers(ie 
endusers/ clients), in their environment, to find any bug 
present or not. In other words after production stage, the 
software is released to end users to check whether any bug 
exist in the application or not. Basically, few company 
used to reward for finding bugs in beta testing environment.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 22
it is a one type of UAT(user acceptance testing)it is
conduct in client place and it is done by the customer side
people or third party or end users 
if at all any defects raised there is no chance of
rectifying immediately because of that is conducting client
environment or else we can rectify (EX:alpha testing)
  Re: Beta Testing
# 23
Beta testing is a part of User Acceptance Test. And it is 
performed at the customers site by the customer/end user.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 24
it's also depend upon company as it is product based or
service based... 

if service based then:-
       Beta testing is conducted at the customer site by the
end  user of delivered software product.

if product based:-
       Manager will test all code o/p with recuirment , if
everything OK, for test it as OK or not , it's called as
Beta testing .

Help me, if i am wrong
Amaresh Ch Das
  Re: Beta Testing
# 25
beta testing is the testing that is done at the user site 
in the presence of developer.
it maay be on actual data or test data in actual working 
Reshma Mittal
  Re: Beta Testing
# 26
Visit Below link to Know Answer
  Re: Beta Testing
# 27
Beta Testing:-Beta testing is the stage of software 
developement life cycle.It is performed when the new 
software is delivered in the market.The main purpose of 
beta testing is to take feedback from the customer or users 
those who uses the new software and to recover these lacks 
suggested by the users inorder to get well quality software.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 28
Beta Testing:- A type of testing which is actually 
conducated once the product is built and this testing is 
done by the testers from client side at Clients 
  Re: Beta Testing
# 29
Beta testing nothing but this is the testing carried out once 
product attains the stability and it is carried out once the 
product is released as a trail version and it is done by end 
users ............ End user will download the trail version 
and uses the application once they caught the bug they will 
report through the feed back
  Re: Beta Testing
# 30
Beta Testing is testing an application when development and 
testing are essentially completed , and final defects and 
problems need to be found before the final release.
End-User, not developers,software engineers,test engineers or 
other typically perform beta testing in client side.

- Chaitra G Shettigar
Chaitra - G - Shettigar
  Re: Beta Testing
# 31
it is a type of testing which is done after the software is 
built by clients..
G.rakesh Kumar
  Re: Beta Testing
# 32
Beta Testing is an application of internet when development
and testing are essentially completed ,and final defects and 
problems need to be found before the final release.

  Re: Beta Testing
# 33
The beta test is conducted at end-user sites.
When the project is tested in user site its called as beta 
The developer are not present while the beta testing, So 
environment may not be controlled.
Beta test is "Live" application of s/w test.
Beta test has more benefits as end users do not have any 
restrictions of testing s/w.
  Re: Beta Testing
# 34
it is customer side testing
Rahul Bundela

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