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related proverb of "dont count your chicken before it hatches"
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Don't put the cart before the horse...
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Program to display given 3 integers in ascending order N-Tech 1
how can i get the output 54321 4321 321 21 1 in c programming........???? pls help...... Infosys 8
Identify the correct argument for the function call fflush () in ANSI C: A)stdout B)stdin C)stderr D)All the above Accenture 5
Write a program for the following series: 1*3*5-2*4*6+3*5*7-4*6*8+.................up to nterms Convex-Digital 5
what is the use of fflush() function?   2
Blade logic interview question. 1st round is a written tests with 15 multiple questions from c and c++. All are simple basic question. Like int main () { Int i=65; Return printf(%c, i); } 2nd and 3rd round is technical interview. The position for which I was interview was core UNIX and c. Yes it is for system programming. The company has product name blade server. For their server they are creating their own command for their purpose. Example cd command. We can implement it in a c program by using the chdir() function. So the question asks related to PID, fork, pipe, shared memory, signal. Write a program in c which will act as cp command. BladeLogic 1
write a c program for print your name .but,your name may be small letter mean print a capital letter or your name may be capital letter mean print a small letter .example \\enter ur name : sankar The name is: SANKAR (or) enter your name:SAnkar The name is:saNKAR   5
why arithmetic operation cant be performed on a void pointer?   1
Write a program in c to input a 5 digit number and print it in words.   11
write the output of following code .. main() { static int a[]={10,20,30,40,50}; int *ptr=a; static int arr[2][2]={1,2,3,4}; char str[]="ABCD * 4#"; char *s=str+2; int i,j; for(i=0;i<5,i++) printf("%d",*ptr++); for(i=0;i<2;i++) for(j=0;j<2;j++) printf("%d\n",*(*(n+i)+j)); printf("%c\n%c\n%c\n",*(str+2),*s++,*--s); }   1
how we can say java is platform independent, while we require JVM for that particular Operating System? TCS 3
coding for Fibonacci.?   1
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