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main is a predefined or user define function
if user  defined why?
if predefined whay?
 Question Submitted By :: C
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# 1
actually main function is a user defined function for the C
compiler developer.... but it is a built in or predefined
function according to the users using that compiler.... why
it is called as a predefined function because , the
prototype has already been defined in the compiler itself
we the users can't change the meaning of that unless or
until we write our own compiler , we can change the meaning
of main()......

for the main() , we don't know what is the prototype or
where the function has been called and wht excatly the
return value of it... it is built in and abstracted from the
user which is called abstraction in c++.........

thank u
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# 2
the definition of main is given by the user so it is called
user define function..
the prototype is define by the compiler so it is called
this function is dependent on both user and compiler for
the execution of the it is not only user define
or predefine..
so we can say it is a special function called by operating
system to execute the program.
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Sandeep Kumar Yadav
# 3
Main() a userdefined function or a predefined function a multimillion question?

main() is neither predefined nor userdefined function its a special member function call by Operating System......
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B.laddu Lal
# 4
the main() is a predefined function because we can't change
the name of the function or characterstics of the function.

If the function is user defined means we can change the
name of the function as we wish.

So,the main() is a predefined function.
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# 5
main() is predefined function, coz we can't change it's
We can only implement it.... And we have to use main() in
our program coz it's "Entry Point" to any C program....

(We can say userdefined, if we can also define it's
prototype and name, and in this case we can't!, we can use
only available types of main()....)
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Vilas Soni++
# 6
Main() is a predefined
function,because it's
prototype,call function,
returning val -all these
parameters only kown
to compile,not to
user.but we can use it
as user defined by
specifying our own
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Chitaranjan Barik
# 7
main() is to be predefined beoause the progarm contralm
flows from main and it is essiontal to opreat the program
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Pramod Jirage
# 8
main() function is niether predefined nor user defined function. Because if it is predefined, when program is written in main() function then given their own logic then how it is predefined. Another one if it is user defined, then we can write the any function name on the place of main(). So main() is niether a predefined nor user defined function. 
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Shankar Dayal
# 9
main is Predefined.why because its is implemented by the
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