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I am about to face the interview panel of Indian army for 
UES(for more details put this address

This is basically a post for engineering job in Indian army?
This is an on campus interview. Kindly help me out with 
some tips or the type of questions I am about to face.
 Question Submitted By :: Engineering-AllOther
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
dont worry about that.indian army just after coming to any
colleges ,they perform a gd which is damm easy ,only u have
to do is that to speak about that topic clearly and to the
point .dont deviate from the topic otherwise???..
then when u qualify that u go for a technical interview
.dont worry they dont ask much about the subject but about
current affairs and genral knowledge about national flag
,mainly things related to army .then when u clear this stage
u are called for ssb interview which is the toughest.
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# 2
but they jus said dat they ll have only one phase and dat too is interview phase...not GD.... 
Is This Answer Correct ?    16 Yes 2 No
# 3
UES Interview candidates are shortlisted by the Board of Officers of Indian Army, Navy or IAF for respective UES entry to select candidates who have clarity of speech, logical thinking and capability to convince others. They are required to be honest, truthful, relaxed and like serving in various regions, be able to adapt to defence life and train and lead the troops placed under their command for the mission assigned during peace, insurgency, aid to civil authorities and warlike commitments. The training for leadership and training troops is adequately provided during training of the selected candidates.
Please improve your general awareness,practise for clarity of speech and effectiveness of expression. You are also should have physical fitness, stamina and confidence in yourself that will be noticed in your personality that you project during the interview.
Topics basically will be about India, Indian Armed Forces, why you want to join defence forces, what us will be your knowledge in Armed forces? The place you live, educational institute,your achievements, your hobbies etc.
Thus relax and increase your knowledge and practise delivery of speech and answering questions. You must go for half an hour jogging for maintaining physical fitness.
Your knowledge so acquired will be sufficient for group Discussion that is most likely to follow.Think about pros and cons of the subject and practise again to speak when all other candidates in your group are determined to show their best. Best of Luck. You Can win, You Can Succeed. You Can Fulfill Your Goal.If Others Can, So Can You.
Colonel JS Bhullar,, Retired
PARAKARAM Leadership Institute,
BT Kavade Road, Pune-1
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Colonel Js Bhullar,, Retired
# 4
yes iam faceing interview 4 ues 
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# 5
Our dear friend Kafil,perhaps, either thinks he is too
knowledgeable a civilian or is already an Army officer - as
he has serious misconceptions about the selection process
of the Indian Army.

My sincere advice for him would be to avoid thinking either
too high of himself or too low of the Indian Army
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