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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2000)
1.How to describe my school days
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# 1
school days are the days of learning.We learn many things
in school like doing friendship with people enjoying and
studying.......Those days cannot be forget when we think of
it now also we feel very happy after a long time......but
the only thing is we feel happy but we cannot get it
back....really the school days are very good and the
moments which is spended with friendz are unforgetable.....
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# 2
Every persons carrier started from that stage itself.That's
why we thought it as a great memorable in my life was school
age.Because,at that stage we don't have any kind of ego's
and ignores.It was the major step to build our carrier in
the right path.Myself,I came from the school named as XXXX.I
learned a lot from my school along with my friends.We are
having the all kind of things in our school.Those will be
useful to makes us happy and strong.Our school was the one
of the biggest school of having huge space for the ground
and comfortable places for class rooms.It looks like a green
from the topper view.Because,full of the space was covered
by the green trees.I love my school and i don't forget it
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R.v.mohan Kumar
# 3
Admit it, school can be irritating and boring but when you
leave it you wish you were still there. </3
YES, we have bad days and good days. But the thing is school
is for us to "learn", discover, explore and interact with
new friends.
Without school we would all be dumb chickens.
School isn't your enemy!
"Life is like a roller coaster you either enjoy it or scream it"
"Life is like a piano, it goes the way you play it <3"
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# 4
In every one life school days are the best days,we cant
forget those days in our life.In school days we learn lots
of things like friend ship,how to build our carrier.we came
to know that with whom we can do friend ship n whom we
should avoid..
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# 5
no words are there to say happiness of my school days becoz
i studied at APSWR School . all of us call them as GURUKULAs
there i learnt many rhings .school itself moulds the people
who came to there beacame as a professionals really one
thing i want to say .. in school days there is no
selfishness among the students,they move with friends with
out any selfishness ..but .. in the later studies i found
selfishness among the students who are friends also...
simply my school dayz are most memorable .. when i started
to remember the school days its give a lot of happiness i
wont express in words
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# 6
my school life is an important part of my life since i
liked studing and learning new things so much. therefore i
passed every day of it happily. i gained miriyad things in
school such as how to read, speak, commiunicate, do
friendship. to be honest with you, i made lasting
friendships with a web of my classmates. Moreover, each
time i see them certainly we remine those time and our
golden memories and talking about those.
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# 7
Those were the best days of my life........... 
Is This Answer Correct ?    49 Yes 49 No
# 8
lovely days which could not forgetted soon 
Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 20 No
T.sindhu Gayathiri
# 9
Unforgettable days... Those are the days we will learn how
to Put the girls in love, rage them and they will also rage
us. Getting beating and sclodings from our teachers and
parents for not studing properlly. Those were the amaizing
days in my life.......
Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 9 No
# 10
yeah school is learning and friendship 
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 16 No

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