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How the electric train gets the supply of electricity? What 
is the return path of the current?
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
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# 1
now the supply for traction is 25KV AC.connected through
pantograf. this supply is given to an onload tap changing
transformer with a secondary voltage of 800v. this through
semiconductor devices converted and applied to traction
motor. the return path is the rails through brushes in the axils
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# 2
actually input supply is AC .the return path is provided in
track by using rectifier Ac converted into DC & its fed to
Input supply of DC series motor so electric train is run
by dc series motor
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# 3
25 KV single phase AC is fed from the feeding post which is
steped down by the transformer to about 600V required by DC
series motors but before feeding this voltage to DC motors
it is converted in to DC by rectifiers and filtered with
the help of choke filter.
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# 4
The 25 KV single phase AC supply is applying to the step
down transformer by the feeding post line.The return path
of the current is track line.the track line is connected to
the proper earth for the safety purpose.The stepped down AC
supply is converted to the rectified DC supply by the
rectifier, filter the DC supply is connected to
the DC series motor.DC series motor is very suitable for
startind high torque.
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# 5
the railway track acts as a return path........... 
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# 6
Train moves on 25kv single phase AC voltage supplied through
the catenary wire by pantograph on the roof of the train .
then it goes through converter inverter process where the
voltage is reduced and make suitable for the 3 phase
induction motors.and the track is connected is connected as
return conducter
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# 7
generally electrical train gets supply of 25kv dc from the
above wiring in the train .in train we convert the dc to ac
by using inverter then we use the electric supply and the
return path of current is the track of rail which is
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Naveen Kumar Sharma
# 8
the train supply getting from dc power line above the will be 25kv dc voltage collecting from T type is two wire system one line & is train is return
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