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If A:B =5:9, B:C=3:8 then A:B:C=?
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# 1
A=5 , B=9

B/C = 3/8

9/C = 3/8

C = 24

A:B:C = 5:9:24
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# 2
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# 3
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Sravan Kumar
# 4
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# 5
pls tel me how u got the ans 
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# 6
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# 7
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N.mohamed Gibereel
# 8
- Find common variable (B)(9,3)

- Find the lowest common denominator (27)

- a:b = 3x(5:9) = 15:27

- b:c = 9x(3:8) = 27:72

a:b:c = 15:27:72
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