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What is the difference between stress and strength?
 Question Submitted By :: Civil-Engineering
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# 1
the difference between the stress and strength is............
stress= load/ area ( n/mm2) .. it denotes that the load x will act in 1 mm2 of area of a structure,
strength denotes that max. stress upto which the structure get failure.
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# 2
for stress and strength the measurement units are same.

stress (may be in tension or compression or shear)is the
pressure developed on application of loads ,on a structure.

strength is the maximum stress the structure can withstand.
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# 3
strength : maximum stress at failure 
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# 4
Stress is the force per unit area, it depends on area of
structure, while
Strength is the resistance to maximum stress at the time of
failure, it does not depend on area...
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Muhammad Imran Marwat
# 5
Strength is an extrinsic property of the material. It is
derived outcome of heat treatment processes. It is a
function of grain size, No of slip planes within a grain
etc. Therefore strength defines capacity of a material to
carry loads.
Stress is an internal resistance/force per unit area in the
material, generated due to application of external force.
Incidently, both have same units as strength is also
measured by force/area.
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Mahesh Verma
# 6
Stress is a measure of the load applied to a sample
relative to a cross sectional area of the sample. Strength
is a quantification of the samples ability to carry a load.
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# 7
its simple

stress is the force(KN)acting in a cross sectional area
and strain is the ability to withstand that stress.
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# 8
Stress is the intensity of force/resistance per unit area at
any condition due to applied force on a body.

On the other hand, Strength is the stress at time of
failure; structure can withstands.

If the structure can't withstand with the governing stress
then, it can't be specified as strength. Therefore, any
strength is the part of stress, but any stress can't be the
part of strength!! Though, the both terms have same unit to
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Md. Nazmul Huda
# 9
Strength mean maximum calculated load that a member take without failure.
but stress mean internal reaction of a member in time of loadin
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# 10
stress is defined as the resistance force when we applied aforce on a speciman but strength is the ability of speciman to withstand without failure. 
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