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what is debentures, types of debentures
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# 1
Debenture is a debt instrument issued by the company to
raise the funds.

Types of Debentures : Secured Debentures, Unsecured
Debentures, Redeemable Debentures, Irredeemable debentures,
convertable debentures, non convertable debentures,
cumulative debentures, noncumulative debentures
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# 2
redeemable,irredeemable debentures 
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Jyoti Jogale
# 3
When a company borrows money from investing people it
issues bonds which is stamped with official seal is called
as debentures
types of debentures:
security point of view
recording point of view
performance pont of view
conversion point of view
priorty point of view
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# 4
"A Debenture is a document under company's, which provide
payment of principal sim & interestthereon at regular

Types :
3.Zero Coupon
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# 5
debenture is a secured loan.
types of debenture
naked debenture
redeemeble debenture
irredemable debenture
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Jyoti Agrawal
# 6
Types of Debentures:
1. Secured Debentures,
2. Unsecured Debentures,
3. Redeemable Debentures,
4. Irredeemable debentures,
5. convertable debentures,
6. non convertable debentures,
7. cumulative debentures,
8. no cumulative debentures
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Deep Chand Kumawat
# 7
From different point of view:
Redemption : Redeemable and irredeemable
Security : mortgage debenture and naked or simple debentures
Record: registered debenture and bearer debentures
Priority: first debentures and second debentures
Convertibility: Convertible and Non convertible
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# 8
when co. has no fund after its capital fund then its take
loan from the public. its kn0wn as debenture. it is the
liab. of the co.. co. has to pay the interest after 6 month
or yeraly basis.
There are 8 types of debenture.
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Nikita Gupta
# 9
Debenture is instrument unless otherwise
specified,carry security for the investors and hence the
company has to make proper arrangement to extend assurances
and comply with lagal requirements in favour of the
investors of the said securities.

debenture are cumulative,non cumulative,
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# 10
Types of Debentures : Secured Debentures, Unsecured
Debentures, Redeemable Debentures, Irredeemable debentures,
convertable debentures, non convertable debentures,
cumulative debentures, noncumulative debentures,Zero Coupon,mortgage debenture and naked or simple debentures,first debentures and second debentures
Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 2 No
Nithin S

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