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what is the difference between synchronization and paralleling?
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
synchronizing is making phase, voltage & frequency the same
or with small difference between generators.

paralleling is sharing the load among all this generators.

so synchronizing is done before closing the ckt breaker but
after closing it parlleling process starts and all above
mentioned parametrs stuck together.
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Tareq Harb
# 2
synchronization is done between two similar equipments
(generator,transformer) w.r.t FREQUENCY,KVA RATING MUST BE

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# 3
Synchronization (in the context of electrical engineering)
is the process of attaining exact co-ordination(Relative
should be zero) between two or more, similar time varying
quantitites.The quantities involved must has same rate of
change.Synchronization is a global concept(exists through
out the system).

Paralleling is the process of placing more than one systems
aganist same condition to achieve common goal.In some cases
(parallel operation of alternators,parallel operation of
transformers etc.)synchronizion is must for paralleling
where as in some cases(Paralleling loads across a supply
etc.) in is not must for loads to be synchronized.
Paralleling is a local concept(Prevaling at few places and
these places are independent with each other)
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# 4
Any two or more systems that has parameter(such as
frequence,phase etc.) transfer function of time dependance,
when coupled to achieve output or input simultaneously
called synchronisation contrary to same phenomena when
parameters have no time dependance called paralleling.
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Shaibal Saha
# 5

any two or more alternator connected to grid and share a common load its called a parallel operation.


how to connect to grid (depend a voltage,frequency,phase sequence)a alternator is called a synchronizing operation.
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Bala Sundaram
# 6
parlleling and sychronization are very similar that when two
generators are in sychronization or running simultaneously
is called parlalling and sychronization means keep the
parameters like voltage, frequency and phase sequence of the
two machines
equal with respect to each other. that means the voltage,
frequency, phase sequence waves of the first generator
should be equal to the voltage, frequency and phase sequence
of the second generator
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Pavan Kumar
# 7
Synchronization is the process of connecting alternator to
the grid system or aiternators which are already connected
after it is syncronised to the grid system then it is said
to be working parrlel with another alternators
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# 8
When two or more machine having same voltage,current and
frequency on working condition its called synchronism

and when we want to share the load two ore more machines in
parallel its called paralleling..............
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Safeer Ahmad
# 9
Running of two similar systems by keeping voltage,phase
sequence and frequency same is known as paralleling (ex:
two or more D.G sets or two or more transformers).

Running of two dissimilar systems keeping the above
parameters same is known as synchronization (ex:D.G set and
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# 10
Parallel:- in this process you dont have concentrate on
equality of Voltage, freq & phase angle. its a simple
method of devidation, so its easly to devide load on one or
more m/cs.
Synchronisation:- in this process you have must be
conentrate on above parameters because its become direct
affect on source. it can be happen one or more equipments.
which should be done before loading the m/cs.
Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 3 No
Sangram Patil

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