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Why Java is a platform independent language?Explain byte code 
and JVM
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# 1
due to byte code and jvm java is platformindependent we know after compiling sourcecode it gives
java byte code.only jvm can execute bytecode and every os
(operating system) having their own it is a
platformindependent language.jvm stands 4 java virtual
machine which executes the bytecode.bytecodes are the
intermediate language for jvm.
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# 2
Java is platform independent language as the compiled
version from one platform can be executed on any other
platform(OS) and bytecodes are the compiled version of java
program which is an intermediate language and JVM is Java
virtual machine which is a part of java platform and is a
software implementation/specification for a java
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# 3
When Java Code is compiled a byte code is generated which
is independent of the system. This byte code is fed to the
JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which is resided in the system.
Since every system has its own JVM, it doesn't matter where
you compile the source code. The byte code generated by the
compiler can be interpreted by any JVM of any machine.
Hence it is called Platform independent Language.
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# 4
At first the java source code is compiled and then it is
interpreted to a optimized set of executable statements.
After compiling the source code the bytecode is generated
which is same for all platforms i.e OS. This byte code
needs JVM(java virtual machine) to be interprated which is
defferent for different OS i.e platform.
Due to the byte code which is same for all JVM java is
explicitely known as platform independent language.

source code ---------> bytecode ----------> executable
compilation same interpration
for all by JVM
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# 5
.class we get in windows os(platform) after compilation is referred to as bytecode.A bytecode is unversal code and is accessible by any jvm...d thing is every platform has its own type of jvm,to convert it into platforms(machine) language..

(m/c)english-->bytecode ======= bytecode--->telugu(m/c)
ompiled jvm
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# 6
A java Document which is converted into binary Executable
format and unchanged run on multiple plat forms is called
platform independent.
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# 7
byte code is an intermediate code for java in the form of hexadecimal ,which is compiled code of java compiler and same
for all o\s.after compilation all machine or o\s have own java virtual machine translate the byte code into machine code. so we can say that java is a platform independent language.
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Sandeep Negi
# 8
Write once Run anyware 
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