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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1883)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
intial information of packey occur on which layer

mine answer physical
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The sequence of packet formation is:
bits(physical layer) -> frames(Data Link) -> packets(Network)

so i guess Jeetu tere answer ko futher explain kia h maine
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Nikhil Maggu

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Hi Jitendera, I need ur suggestion. I completed my CCNA certification & also hving some sort of real time experience. Now i m planning to do CCNP. Little bit confusion is that whether it wud be better for me to go for CCNP ya CCNA (Security). As off my goal is to reach CCIE (Security & Switching/Routing). So tell me some solution of my confusion yaar..!!! Thanx & Regards Shahin..   1
as i m cccna holder ... then why i m going for bpo's ? Quatrro 5
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Q1> Which are the ports on CISCO Device? Q2> If our links are down then what we suppose to check? Steps? Q3> This is the ip address x.x.y.y/27 then what is the subnet mask? Q4> What do you mean by Static and Dynamic routing? Give Example of each? Q5> Suppose there are two routers i.e. Router A and Router B and if they are connected on P2P N/w, Then how to configure the router?or Which are the components of router? Q6> This is the ip address x.x.y.y/24 then what is the subnet mask? Q7> There are 4 departments and 10,000 pc's are their so how many vlans are created ? Q8> what is the number of standard vlan creation? 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Enjoy :) 1.http://​​showanswers/13964.html 2.​TERM/5/5_4_3_rule.html 3.​difference-between-bit-rate​ -and-baud-rate.htmlWhat do you meant by "triple X" in Networks? What do you meant by "triple X" in Networks? Interview Questions July 1 at 12:03am · Like · 1 Options Gupta Manoj Q>If we want to learn the Neigbours IP address then which command is used? a>show cdp neighbours b>show run c>show cdp networks d>show ip routeLike · · Unfollow Post · June 28 at 2:05am Vishal Duraphe always welcomed yaar !! June 29 at 7:35am · Like Gaurav Dhargalkar show cdp will be shown if cdp is enabled. But in real-time designs it is not usually enabled. Whereas in sh run u will all info and config on the router where the neighbours are also published. June 30 at 11:58pm · Like Options Gupta Manoj Practical Question Suppose there is 1 switch and on Switch at port 1 Hub is connected and on hub port 2 and 3 Computer 1 and Computer 2 is connected? Then How many MAC learn at switch1?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 29 at 4:33am Options Gupta Manoj What is the resposibility of Network Layer?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 28 at 2:02am Mohd Yaseen Responsibility to learn all routes and place best route in a RoutingTable and do routes filteration through ACL June 29 at 4:31am · Like Options Older Posts Facebook © 2012 · English (US) About · Create an Ad · Create a Page · Developers · Careers · Privacy · Cookies · Terms · Help Abhi Singh 1   1
In version 11.2 of the IOS, a Cisco router configured for frame-relay can automatically detect the LMI type. What is this known as? A.) Psychic B.) ESP C.) Inverse ARP D.) Hello E.) Reverse ARP F.) Autosense   2
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