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Hi, I am preparing for Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector
(AMVI) exam.If any body having old question papers please 
send.My mail id is
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# 1
1) A mechanism which enables the rotary motion of one shaft
to another shaft at the same axis is called a) gear box b)
differential c) clutch d) flywheel 2) The main advantage of
a good clutch is a) good torque transmission b) rapid
engagement c) large size d) high inertia 3) Hard shifting
of gears would result when a) there is rapid engagement of
gears b) there is less heat dissipation c) the clutch
inertia is very high d) there is no clutch free pedal play
4) The torque transmitted by a clutch is given by a) T =
µWR b) T = µ/WR c) T = µW/R d) T = 1/µWR 5) The coefficient
of friction for the Asbestos-based materials used for
clutch facing is a) 0.07 b) 0.17 c) 0.27 d) 0.37 6) The
maximum amount of axial load to be applied on a clutch
plate is a) 100 kN b) 200 kN c) 300 kN d) 400 kN 7) Mean
effective radius of contact surfaces of a clutch plate is
decided by a) coefficient of friction b) axial pressure c)
space available in the vehicle d) amount of torque to be
transmitted8) Axial force to keep the clutch in engaged
position is provided by a) springs arranged
circumferentially b) pressure plate c) flywheel d) clutch
pedal 9) The friction plate is always mounted on a)
flywheel b) pressure plate c) internally splined hub d)
clutch spring 10) The main advantage of single plate clutch
over cone clutch is a) easier gear changing b) less binding
of contact surfaces c) less pedal movement d) all of the
above 11) The main function of transmission is a) to
provide means to vary the torque ratio between the engine
and the road wheels b) to provide neutral position c) to
provide means to back the car d) all of the above 12) The
resistance to the vehicle motion whose magnitude remain
constant with respect to the vehicle speed is a) resistance
due to gradient b) resistance due to the road c) resistance
due to the tyre friction d) all of the above 13) The
resistance to the vehicle motion whose magnitude various
with the square of the vehicle speed is a) resistance due
to gradient b) resistance due to road c) resistance due to
the tyre friction d) resistance due to wind 14) If the
tractive effort is the highest for a given velocity, then
the vehicle must be in a) top gear b) third gear c) second
gear d) first gear 15) The point of interaction of the
tractive effort curve and the total resistance curve is
called a) stabilizing speed point b) low speed point c)
high speed point d) normal speed point
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Zainul Abdeen
# 2
I need Question patern of previous year.
I have one more dout about cuttof marks.
Is there any invidual cuttof marks for each(General
Knowledze and Technical)
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# 3
Dear All,
I am also tryin preparing for Assistant Motor Vehicle
Inspector(AMVI) exam.If any body having old question papers
please send.My mail id is
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# 4
Hi am srinivas,
searching for the AMVInspector question papers,
If I fond I will mail You,In case U find it pls do send me
mail at
ALL the Best
Take care Bye.....
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# 5
hi jay .. it seems u hav 3yrs question papers of amvi.. can u plz forward it to my mail too.. its ll be of agrat help... my mail id is thank u 
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Shany Philip
# 6
Hi, You will get the perfect information about the AMVI
examinations in Kolhatkar's Classes. Pune. The exam date is
declared by M.P.S.C. on 3rd July 2011. Classes Started on
5th May 2011. Contact Number - 020 25636347 /9822391011
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# 7
can somebody plz reply to this its urgetn. i want to know
the date of results to be announced for the written exam of
AMVI. plz reply frenzz...
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# 8
hi Madhuri, this is jay.
I m also preparing for the AIMV.
I have last 3yrs question papers.
My no-9226255838
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# 9
i m also preparing for AMVI..
will you please give me its syllabus & quetion papers...
when its forms are come out??
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# 10
instead of going through old papers read the objective books which would be helpful... 
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