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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2000)
If You Were an Animal, Which One Would You Want to Be? 
 Question Submitted By :: Call-Centre-AllOther
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# 1
Hi to all, Who has sent and going to send your answer.
First undaerstand the question and answer accordingly.. The
Recruiter asked, if u wr a "ANIMAL" so answer should be the
related one. Do you know how it looks like....(the answers
which displays above?)
Recruiter is asking..Whats ur name?
Candidate: if i'm a son my name is Raja if i'm a father
Raju if i'm a daughter Rani....

Does anyone feel happy with the ex. dam sure no one will be.

Give answer as follows My name is RAJA

If u wr a Animal..... I would like to be as cow. Coz It is
being treated as equal as to a mother. (How many babies are
being feed by their mother once they born? (Particularlly
in city zone)..... now you can give no of reason like i

Please try to give an exact answer for what they asked.
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# 2
i wold like to be an elephant because i'll make good to
people when i live, i'll make good to people if i were dead
Is This Answer Correct ?    10 Yes 5 No
# 3
If I were an animal, i would want to be a human being
because human is the social and enthusiastic animal in the
world.Only because of the human enthusiasm this world has
come to this stage. And now we proud of being human.
Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 11 No
Dinesh Singh Dhami
# 4
If I were an animal, I would want to be an icchadhari
naag,because I can live bothways as a snake as well as a
human being.Whenever I feel that my roomrent is too much,I
would go to the jungle and live with the snakes,whenever
anyone beats me or tries to mess with me when Iam a human
being,I would bite them when i turn into a snake.Moreover, I
can save a lot of money when i turn into a snake because i
don't need any clothes, any room to stay and everyday I get
to eat non-veg.
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 2 No
Panna Roy
# 5
If I were an animal, I would be an ant.This is because i will be slimmer forever. I can find food without paying and killing animals such as fishes, chickens and so on.Besides, I can eat a lot of kind of sweets and chocolate.Moreover,if i be an ant i can eat whatever i like and i will be free from all sorts of diseases and health problems especially obesity and diabetes. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    0 Yes 2 No
# 6
Human being is a social animal... 
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 9 No
# 7
if i was animal.but i don't want to become human
being.human being have to suffered lot more.human life has
lot of stress,challenge,disease etc.
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 14 No
Rohit Singh

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