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What is the meaning When we write "#include" what is # and
what does include does there???
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# 1
# refers to pre-processor directives. Pre-processor word
means that the header file following #include is already
processed and their is no chance of it containing any
errors or flaws. User can directly include the header file
in his/her program.
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Prof.gagandeep Jagdev
# 2
# is the one of a symbol used by a developer of C language
standards for defining of macros... if you are designing a
compiler you can use a different symbol or may not use these
symbols for definition of macros............ it dosen't have
meaning and since # is a rare symbol used . so it's my guess .

the include words includes the header or any file with
extension to the C source code that the run time or linker
time..... in which may inbuilt functions are available like
printf,clrscr(),scanf() etc etc............

thank u
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# 3
# work as a preprocessor when include is used for to connect
the header file to the complier, we want to write
#include"stdio.h" or <stdio.h> because c has no built-in
function to run the wise we include "conio.h"
which is used for link the clrscr()and getch(),but it is not
so important because we can run the program without using
clrscr() and getch() from the header file "conio.h" but we
never run the program without using <stdio.h>
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# 4
# is a symbol, that represent to the complier,the header
files are includes in the program.....include key word is
using to include the header files in c
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The Great Elango
# 5
'#' is a preprocessor directive. The compilers processes
lines in a code starting with a '#' before it compiles the
whole code . Example #define TEN 10 the compiler would
replace all instances of TEN by 10 in the code and only then
compile the code . Similarly ,

'#include' - include is a key work which ask the compiler to
also resolve function names and variables names using the
file name specified.
Ex '#include<xyz.h>' indicates the compiler that while
searching resolve function names and/or variable names from
xyz.h file also.
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Arjun R
# 6
The # is the Pre-Processor. Means it is a special kind of
program that executed before the actual compilation of the
program. When it executed it performs several tasks like
defining etc. On such operation is the include. The include
tell that the current program requires certain inclusion of
files. Like #include<stdio.h>. Here we are directing the
pre-processor to include the stdio.h header file.
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# 7
# is a symbol with the help of which the compiler will
first process the statement following # before compiling
the program. for example if we have something called
#define MAX 100 then the compiler will replace all MAX in
the program with 100 and then compile the program.
Likewise include following # will tell the compiler to
include the header file mentioned in the statement.
ex: #include<stdio.h>

I think all will be satisfied with my answer....!
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# 8
# is the main part of the 'c' is used to define
the header file it means that it is used to declare that
header filesfor ex:"#include<stdio.h>".here it is used for
standarad for declaring printf and scanf() "#" is the main part.
it is used for clrscr() and getch()
also "#"is the main header file.actually it is preprocessor.
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# 9
# is a symbol used by the developer of c compiler designer
to define the preprocessor directives. Pre-processor word
means that the header file following #include is already
processed and their is no chance of it containing any
errors or flats. User can directly include the header file
in their program.
The #include use in 2 ways.
1. #include<filename> and
2. #include"filename".
in #include<filename>
if the file is not found there, the compiler checks the
source header directory.If the file is not still found
there,the pre-processor checks the current directory....

in #include"filename"
If the file is not found there the compiler checks the
compile include directory.If the file is still not found
there the pre-procesor checks the source header
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Pooja Gupta
# 10
The #include directive tells the preprocessor to treat the contents of a specified file as if those contents had appeared in the source program at the point where the directive appears.
About '#' and "include"
The '#' sign tells the preprocessor, which scans the code before sending it to the compiler, to do something.

"include" tells the preprocessor that the following file is to be included in the compiling process.
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