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if there is solution , how will u estimate that it contains 
DNA only, not RNA? how we differentiate DNA ,RNA and 
Protein in solution without studying its structure?
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# 1
Spectrophotometrically.OD at 260nm-DNA,280 for proteins 
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# 2
alkaline hydrolysis -rna is hydrolysed and become less
viscous while dna has no change .. when we shake a tube
containing pure proteins,it frothes... also takin OD at
260nm is a good option for distinguishing between dna and
protein .

pliz mail me if there is any mistake in this answer. thanx.
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# 3
just pour the solution in CsCl coloumn, and you will get
different bands. Also there is one very easy method to
detect protein solution from other two by just shaking. on
shaking solution containing protein will start foam
formation while those of DNA n RNA containing will not.
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Abhinav Trivedi
# 4
staining methods for DNA and RNA run on gel for DNA and RNA
for protein acylamide gel
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# 5
use Nanodrop instrument 
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# 6
value of od at240 / od at 260 = 0.8 for all nucleic acid. 
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# 7
Take 3 testtubes and pour DNA,RNA and protines. Subjecte
these solutions to colory meter or spectro photo meter and
the obsrebence of these solutions will be different because
of DNA is double standard and it obserbs more light and it
give od 280 nano meters. coming to RNA, it gives more od
compare to DNA because of its a single standard. coming to
protines gives more od, because of it contains free amino

Finally these 3 solutions depends on the od.

another way to find density gradiant centrifigation of
these three molecules separated by their molecular weights.
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Shilpa M

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