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what is the difference between AUTOMATION AND 
 Question Submitted By :: Instrumentation
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
automation is the term used to control and monitor any
industrial system with a control loop.

And instrumentation is a raw term used for the instruments
that are used in any control loop, DCS.
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Aatif Alvi
# 2
Basically Instrumentation deals with measurement and
indication/transmission of physical quantities, which are
used for control and monitoring of plants/equipment. When
the Control and monitoring part is performed without
intervention of human being , it is called automation. For
100% automation system take care of operation of
plant/machinery. But, still humen intervention is required
during start up, shutdown and abnormal condition since
practically 100% automation is not achievable over the
whole life cycle of automation.
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# 3
INSTRUMENTATION deals with the use of sensors and other
devices in the measurement and transmission of pysical
parameters such as flow,pressure,level,temperature etc from
one point(field) to another(CCR,FAR)for monitoring,control
and safegaurding.The monitoring,control and safegaurding
applications involves the system aspect of instrumentation
while the the field devices and sensors for measurement is
more of electromechanical hardwares.
The integration of the instrumentation hardware and systems
(application) to automatically monitor,control and
safegaurd any manufacturing and production process is what
is called AUTOMATION.
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Ipalibo Ajumogobia Tariah
# 4
instrumentation deals with the measutemnt and calibration of the instrumnts under measuremnt it helps to achieve the goal of plant being automated
Bcoz automation is the facility which utilizes instrumentation as a key part in its facilitation to achieve the goal of plant automation
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# 5
Instrumentation is measurement, control and calibration of pressure, flow, temperature, etc which are called physical parameters manually using some instruments. same way using some programming computer softwares using PLC, SCADA, HMI or DCS etc is called Automation.

Hope i answered the Question.
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# 6
automation means make any system self controllable
& making of any system self controllable Called
Is This Answer Correct ?    18 Yes 11 No
Vijay Kumar
# 7
instrumentation is the procces of control and automation is
the machine of control
Is This Answer Correct ?    5 Yes 5 No
Kausiki Kumari

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