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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (1998)
How can we remove "Mother Tongue" influence while speaking 
in English ?
 Question Submitted By :: Call-Centre-AllOther
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# 1
while speaking in english in the middle we will give a sound
like m...ah...thats called mother tongue influence..just
fill up the gap with any suitable word like ok, definitly need some practice for this..if you
fill up like this..the influence can be removed
its occuring???..while you are speaking some
point you will be get stucked in the middle of the sentence
you need some words to finish of the sentence but you are
not having the proper source you will fill up like
mm..ah...thats called mother tongue influence..just i will
suggest one practice...just one week try this....take any
news paper..just read only two pages much you
can..this will help you a lot in this...i hope so..just try
this if you are not satisfied get back to me...k..i will
give some other suggestions..
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# 2
this is certainly not mother tongue influence as siad
above. MTI specifically means that your first language
interferes with your second language that is english in
this case. for eg: north indians have a habbit of
saying "ischool" or "ismart" instead of school and smart.
the reason is that in hindi we do not have words starting
with "aadhaa s". this is mother tongue influence. to
rectify this, the only solution is to use a pronunciation
dictionary and practise words to attain a neutral accent.
Daniel Jones is an appropriate dictionary for this.
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# 3
That's a bull**** answer . Try to understand the question
first , the question here asked is not for finding the
right meaning of 'mother tongue' word ! Mr Ansari
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# 4
The best way to control mother tongue influence is by
starting to think in ENGLISH leavin ur mother tongue that case the tone and clarity will
increase..Thinking in English wil also help in being fluent
and spontaneous so that one need not search for words which
in turn will avoid FILLERS(sounds like ummm, ahhh... etc)
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# 5
or to rectify this problem i would like to suggest on a
daily basis see BBC news on a daily basis. from there pick
up words and learn how is the news reader pronouncing the
word. and practice religiously. if you want to improve your
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# 6
To remove mother tongue influence while speaking in
English, first of all, we must develop confidence to speak
in English. Then, we must try to think and speak in English
simultaneously. If we think in our mother tongue and speak
in English, we are more likely to search for words and
ultimately break the sentence or add non-lexical fillers.
If we think in English, this problem will be solved to a
certain extent. Of course, confidence matters a lot.
Learning pronunciation using a standard dictionary is
another way by which we can learn the right pronunciation
of a word. This will help in improving our fluency in
speaking in English as well as our vocabulary.
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# 7
we can remove the influence only if we have got some confidence in ourself and i also think that it doesnot matter much if give the answer to there question correctly becoz they r going to see our personility, our technical skills,our standard of speaking,our attitude .they r not going to point our minor mistakes becoz its not that we want them only they also wnat us for there company progress.ok i thing its the best answer i can give 
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# 8
Hi Friends the best way to learn languge is interection
with People with correct language .speak more and more to
make your language correct keep on finding mistakes own
your own because you are the best teacher of yourself .No
one learns from the birth and no one is perfect in any
languge one who understand the criticalty of languge win
the race.
For mother Tounge influence record your own voice and judge
it . There are lot of excercises to remove an MTI from the
root which you can easily find on Google.
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Dilip Singh
# 9
the influence of mother tongue cannot be rectified until we
completely for get our mother tongue. pshycologists say "it
is not easy to forget our mother tongue until you are of
age less than seven years old", we cannot for get our
mother tongue and we should also not think of forgetting it
as it is our identity. be proud of your mother tongue and
try to convey your thoughts in the most convincing way as
possible in english, no one damn cares about the way you
speak until you express your thoughts perfectly.
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# 10
As i thing that mother tongue is gifted by mother that is
call "mother tongue".But it easy to change our tongue to
speake often and often a perticuler language.IF a persone
have vocublary to understanding and capturing the actual
meaning of the sentace than he/she can able to speak anyone
language as i my view language is not any issue.
Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 80 No
Ansari Fayyaz Ahmad

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