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what is the difference between concentrated winding and 
Distributed winding in motor?
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
concentrated wdg means one phase wdg under one slot only.
in distributed wdg one slot accomodate two or three phase
wdg i.e. more than one.
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# 2
distributed winding is one in which the windings are
distributed along a number of slots. the major merit of
this is the heat dissipation is better.
whereas in concentrated winding, the windings are
concentrated only on one slot. here, since more number of
coils is in one slot, the heat produced is more.
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# 3
A winding with only one slot per pole per phase is called a
concentrated winding. In this type of winding, the e.m.f
generated/phase is equal to the arithmetic sum of the
individual coil e.m.f.s in that phase. However, if the
coils/phase are distributed over several slots in space,
this kind of winding is called distributed winding. The
e.m.f.s in this case are not in phase but are displaced from
each other by the slot angle. the e.m.f will be the phasor
sum of the coil e.m.f.s.
REFERENCE: Principles of Electrical Machines By V.K Mehta
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Engineer Aamir Ali
# 4
in concentrated winding all the winding turn are bound
togater in series to form one multiple coil ex-transformer ,
d.c distibuted winding all winding turn arranged
in several full pitch or fractional pitch ex-in induction moter
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Sanni Kumar
# 5
concentrating winding means winding which is wounded at a single slot or place or position (say field pole) so that flux produced as a combination is more concentrated and also dissipation is high as heat loss due to both current through it and of adjascent winding heat and it is low power winding.where as distributed winding means winding is distributed along a number of slots and it is high power winding. 
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# 6
For Example:

Concentrated winding-Transformer

Distribution winding-Induction motor
Is This Answer Correct ?    37 Yes 54 No
Silamparasan P.

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