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Please tell me 1 ton = How many Kilowatt (Electrical)
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
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I would like to say that , if the 1 ton which is mentioned
here refers to refregiration or AC, then it is given as

1Tr = 1.5 KW.

This is the general thumb rule.
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# 4
1 ton = 12000 BTU/hr

and to convert BTU/hr to horsepower,

12,000 * 0.0003929 = 4.715 hp

therefore 1 ton = 4.715*.746 = 3.5 KW
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Avnish Sharma
# 5
a standard ton of refrigeration is 12,000 BTU/h = 200
BTU/min ≈ 3,517 W
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# 6
I have think 1 ton = 1.2 kw, HVAC design pepoles are using
that value for constrction works
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B.sudhahar Bagavathiappan
# 7
1 ton is a unit defined for air is the heat
energy consumed by 1000kg(1 ton) ice at 0 degree tempreture
to melt in 24 hours. hence it the latent heat for 1 ton ice
to change its phase to water.
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Gulshan Goyal
# 8
1 TR refers 1 Ton(US) of refrigeration capacity. It is the
heat required to melt 1 Ton (907. 185 kg) per day of ice at
0 Deg C to water at 0 Deg C. This is basically the latent
heat of fusion of ice.

Latent heat of fusion of ice @ 0 deg C = 80 Kcals / kg
For melting 907.185 Kg ice / day, the heat required is
72575 Kcals / day or 3024 Kcals / hr or 3.516 KJ / sec.

Since 1 KJ / sec = 1 Kw, 3.516 KJ / sec = 3.516 Kw.
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# 9
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Pavnesh Kumar
# 10
Thanks for the information but my question is then how the
2KW meter installed at my house is able to take load of 1.5
ton AC.
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Gaurav Nautiyal

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