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1.what is the definition of sales?
2.what is the definition of marketing?
3.what is differance between sales& marketing?
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# 1
Gosh! The person who wrote above answer should go and
commit suicide before anyone kills him.
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# 2
Sales means selling of the product & services to customers
according their needs or requirement in terms of economic
way.sales is the part of marketing.

Marketing means wht are the additional benifits you are
offering to customers after purchasing the goods or activities includes Advtg,sales
promotion, direct marketing, publicrelation.exp. No. of
MNC's spent huge money on advtg. for creating awareness
among people about their product & services this things they
doing marketing of their product & services.

Difference between Sales & Mktg. is, Selling totally
dipendent on seller needs and mktg. totaly dependent on
customer needs.
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Dharmendra Singh
# 3
selling is the process of transfer of title of goods.

marketing is the process of planning, designing ,pricing and
distributing ideas, goods and services inorder to satisfy
customer needs and generate revenue and make profit is
called marketing.

Sales is a part of marketing.It is the transfer of title of
ownership of goods.
Marketing is a broader term including market research ,
marketing research, deciding what to produce, financing ,
producing , branding , advertising , transporting ,
selling , etc.The whole business activity is served by
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# 4
selling is the process of transfering the ownership of
goods or delivering service to customers.this is the way of
exchange for mutual benifit of seller and buyer.
on the other side marketing is very wider term starts from
planning and go with market reasearch, product
development,advertisement,selling and after sale services.

in simple words marketing is all about understanding needs
and creating the demand and trying to satisfy the
customers. while selling is only a part of marketing and is
only responsible for exchange of mutual benifits.
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# 5
1st Answer ie, Answer by Mr. Aashish is d worst answer i
ever seen 2 any Question.
He must b F***ed by Mr.P.Kotler ! ! !
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# 6
Sales is seller orientated but marketing is buyers
oriented .

in sales we have the product and we have to push the same
on the other hand marketing ppl konw the needs of the
buyers and get the feedback at all the stages to improve
the product and then put the same into the market.

sales is just a part of marketing
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# 7
sales: An exchange of goods, services, or other property for
money.It which help to generate the revenue.

Marketing: Identifying the needs and want of the
customer.The process by which products and services are
introduced to the marketplace.

Marketing play a vital role before & after the sales.
Before the sales ==> give awareness about the product to the
After the sales ==> know them the customer get
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# 8
Sales is the only thing which gives revenue to the

Marketing is all about anticipating and understanding needs
, wants and demands of customers.

If i draw a big circle of marketing, sales would be a major
part of this.that Marketing improves the selling environment
and plays a very important role in sales. If the marketing
department generates a potential customers list, it can be
beneficial for sales. The marketing department's goal is to
increase the number of interactions between potential
customers and company, which includes the sales team using
promotional techniques such as advertising, sales promotion,
publicity, and public relations, creating new sales
channels, or creating new products (new product
development), among other things.
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Mehul Raja
# 9
sale means transfer of ownership to the buyer by the
manufacturer or seller

marketing means creating demand for the product.
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# 10
If we understand it in terms of a Maths we can say selling
is the subset of a marketing.But it is the most important
part of a marketing and also for an organization because
ultimately the sales who leads the firm to the

Marketing is a big process which includes understanding the
needs of the customer,product planning,forecasting,market
research,advertising,Branding etc.But Marketing is the
backbone of the sales.
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Priyanka Desai

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