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The letters P, Q, R, S, T, U and V, not necessarily in that
order represents seven consecutive integers from 22 to 33. 

?	U is as much less than Q as R is greater than S. 

?	V is greater than U. 

?	Q is the middle term. 

?	P is 3 greater than S.

Can you find the sequence of letters from the lowest value
to the highest value?
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# 1
The sequence of letters from the lowest value to the highest
value is TUSQRPV.

From (3), Q is the middle term.

___ ___ ___ _Q_ ___ ___ ___

From (4), there must be exactly 2 numbers between P and S
which gives two possible positions.

[1] ___ _S_ ___ _Q_ _P_ ___ ___

[2] ___ ___ _S_ _Q_ ___ _P_ ___

From (1), the number of letters between U and Q must be same
as the number of letters between S and R. Also, the number
of letters between them can be 1, 2 or 3.

Using trial and error, it can be found that there must be 2
letters between them. Also, it is possible only in option
[2] above.

[2] ___ _U_ _S_ _Q_ _R_ _P_ ___

From (2) V must be the highest and the remaining T must be
the lowest number.

_T_ _U_ _S_ _Q_ _R_ _P_ _V_

Thus, the sequence of letters from the lowest value to the
highest value is TUSQRPV.
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# 2

you can think it very clearly so no need to explain
more........good luck......
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# 3
data insufficent 
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# 4
Q > U and R > s
V > U
_ _ _ Q _ _ _

P = S+3 hence P _ _ S

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Nandkishor Lokhande

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