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what is cenvat credit expain it
 Question Submitted By :: Taxation
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# 1
CENVAT (Central Value Added Tax )Credit Meens, Input tax of
purchase of Raw Materials, Packing Material, Fixed Assets
and Consumables. This Input tax credit we can setoff the
tax payble which we have to pay to the government
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A.palani Raja
# 2
CENVAT (Central Value Added Tax) credit is the the set off
of the duty paid on inputs and capital goods and also
service tax paid on input service against the Excise duty
on final products or service tax o input service.

1. Purchased Raw Material (inputs) Rs.110
(Includes 10% Tax paid on it i.e. Rs.10)
2. Value addition Rs.200
3. Total (1+2) Rs.310
4. Excise Duty on (3) above, Say 20% i.e Rs. 62
If Cenvat credit,is there,
Cost of Product= [(110-10)+200+ 20%(100+200)]=Rs.360

If Cenvat credit,is not there,
Cost of Product= [110+200+ 20%(100+200)]=Rs.372
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# 3
Before I am going to explain what is cenvat, you have to
under stand the Indian tax Central Excise Duty (BED). It
is called as basic excise duty. Every manufacturer is
liable to pay the excise duty in various kinds namely Basic
Excise Duty, Special Excise Duty, Additional Excise Duty
Just think over a product which is reached to a end user,
how many manufacturing activities are done. So to reduce
the tax burden of the end user, the Govt. of India
introduce the MODVAT scheme which is now called CENVAT
Based on this, if any manufacturer purchased a material,
which is duty paid, and if it is used for his further
manufacturing activity, he can avail this as credit in his
book based on the Central Excise Invoice. At the time of
selling his manufactured goods, he is liable to pay the
excise duty. He can adjust the credit which he has taken
into his book and pay the rest. For example:
CENVAT availed at the time purchased various goods
Rs.20,000 (Excise duty alone)
CENVAT payable for his product at the time sales
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Ramkumar Nair
# 4
CENVAT is nothing but central value added tax which is
basically an input duty relief scheme. CENVAT scheme
istries to ensure that duty paid on input stage is offset
against duty payable at the fin al product stage and thus
prevent cascading effect of duty on final products.
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Pooja Verma
# 5
New Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 have been introduced with
effect from 10-9-2004 in place of earlier CENVAT CREDIT

This credit can be utilized for payment of excise duty on
final products and service tax on output services. Credit
taken on input services can be used for payment of excise
duty and vice versa.

Credit can be taken for all services used in relation to
setting up, modernization or repairs of a factory, services
relating to advertisement or sales promotion, management,
recruitment etc.
Particulars Under non-Cenvat Rs. Under Cenvat Rs.A Raw
material 100 100
Add excise duty @16% 16 16
Total 116 116
Credit allowable Nil 16
Net cost of X 116 100
B Value Addition 100 100
Product Y 216 200
Add excise duty @16% 34.56 32
Total cost 240.56 232
Credit allowable Nil 32
Net cost of X 240.56 200
c Value Addition 100 100
Product Z 340.56 300
Add excise duty @16% 54.40 48
Total cost of Z 394.56 348
Credit allowable Nil 48
Net cost Z 394.56 300
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# 6
cenvat credit generally related to exercise where as the
calculation of cenvat credit is like vat the tax which is
paid at the time of purchase for excise goods and the tax
which need to pay at the time of sales- the tax which is
paid at the time of purchase is known as cenvat credit
while paying the tax three things will be taken in to
"As cenvat credit which is availed from excise"
"As the cenvat credit can availed from service tax"
"He can avail either from these if he is not availed earlier"

so most of them choose which ever amount is lower that
amount they will avail as cenvat credit
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# 7
cenvat credit is nothing but a credit setoff against pre
tax paid on inputs
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# 8
CENVAT is nothing but central value added tax which is
basically an input duty relief scheme. CENVAT scheme
is tries to ensure that duty paid on input stage will be
offset against duty payable at the fin al product stage and
thus prevent cascading effect of duty on final products.
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Chandra Kant
# 9
i agree with the solution by mr. Ramkumar .. Nair. subject
to the one correction that "At the time of
selling his manufactured goods, he is liable to pay the
excise duty".Actully the manufacturer become liable to pay
immediately on the manufure of the final product not at the
time of sale of manufacure goods. Wallace floor mill CAse
and Bombay tyre international Ltd. (1983) case. Further
collection can be delayed till the sale of final good.
Reference of Articl 265 of constitution - for levy of
tax ...... Thus, practicly CCR can be utilized at the time
of sale of final good or provision of services. Conclusion
Mr. Ramkumar is otherwise correct. Keep it up. Regards....
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Sanjeev Kumar Mahajan
# 10
cenvat credit is credit taken on input,input services and
capital goods. i.e for eg:- if any manufacturer purchased
any input for production than he has to pay to his supplier
the tax on that input, and when that maufacturer himself
make that input into finished goods and he sold that
finished goods to consumer,then he will charge the tax from
the consumer. And the amount charged by him from the
consumer will be set off from the amount which manufacturer
has paid earlier and the remaining amount left after set off
should be paid to government. this is known as cenvat credit.

In this case,
input is for produts
input services is for services recieved from service provider.
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Varun Gupta

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