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12 members were present at a board meeting. Each member
shook hands with all of the other members before & after the

How many hand shakes were there?
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# 1

Think of it this way: the first person shakes hands with 11
people, the second person also shakes hands with 11 people,
but you only count 10, because the hand shake with the first
person was already counted. Then add 9 for the third person,
8 for the fourth, & so on.

66 hand shakes took place before & 66 after the meeting, for
a total of 132.
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# 2
For n nuimber of persons shaking hands with each other,
total no of handshakes are n(n-1)/2.
Hence for 12 people itis 12(12-1)/2= 66
Thus total handshakes = 2*66=132
Is This Answer Correct ?    33 Yes 2 No
Ajay Maurya
# 3
For n nuimber of persons shaking hands with each other,
total no of handshakes are n(n-1)/2.
Hence for 12 people itis 12(12-1)/2= 66
Thus total handshakes = 2*66=132
Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 0 No
# 4

thank u
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# 5
For n nuimber of persons shaking hands with each other,
total no of handshakes are n(n-1)
Thus total handshakes =12(12-1)=132
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 2 No
Saurabh Sukhija

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