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what is DG synchronization panel
plz explain the working!!!!!!!
 Question Submitted By :: Electrical-Engineering
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
syncronizaing panel is used where one dg set syncronizaing
with two or more dg set when mains fail all dg start at a
time but after some time one will be on & other will be
stop as per load when load increased above 70% of the total
load the 2nd dg will be start & it syncronise with first
one & total load was distributed equally On that two dg set
& This process will go on
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Sandip G. Kuvalekar
# 2
DG synchronization panel is required to parelleling of 2 or
more DG's it may be as per the load dependent .one DG will
be ON as per the master and other will synch oce the
Frequecy ,voltage matches with master DG .this is required
to share the load.
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Arun Kumar
# 3
A DG SYN PANEL IS FOR synchronising two or more DG into the system.
when only 1 DG is used there is no use for the syn panel.
When the second DG is started and brought to operating
voltage and frequency it needs to be paralleled at the right
moment in order to be able to share the load of the system.
The syn panel takes care of this, after "the" synchronising
the panels duty ends till another syn is necessary.
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# 4
A DG synch panel is an electrical circuit which controls the
functionality of DG sets. 2 or more DG are sets may be used
parallel in order to share the total load of system. In
synchronization 2 or more DG sets are working in parallel
and their supply transferred to main load via a single bus
to allow this we use synchronization in which we math all
the vector groups for this we only require to match voltage,
frequency/speed(for proper load sharing),phase sequence,
phase angle. when these parameters are matched under a
defined level then only synchronizing is done otherwise it
could be hazardous and only a specialist should do it in
order to gain max. performance.
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# 5
D.G. synchronizing panel have working with grid synchronizing also. If suddenly grid line failed at that time u have operate
your D.G. set but after grid line coming have u change over in D.G. to grid. for that change over u can set your frequency , voltage equal to grid line frequency , voltage and closed the breaker . after synchronized stop your generator .
for detail or if u have any suggest me then cont. to me on my no. 9977278622 (Ab. Khalil Khan)
with best regards.
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Ab. Khalil Khan
# 6
Two or more Dg synchronization Main Think Require is Those
Dg Frequency, Terminal Voltage, And Phase Sequence, are
same. Then synchronization Will Be Done.When Those Parameter
Matche synchronization panel Keep synchronizing Dg With
Their Prosses.synchronization panel Conect Two or More Dg
Synchronize With same capacity or veriable capcity.Or load
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# 7
Dg Synchronization panel used to 2 or more dg sets.
because load sharing perposs.
first master dg start upto 70% load increased to another dg will start that time voltage,HZ,RPM its to match only two dgs syneh.
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# 8
DG Synchronization means two or more DG connected for load
share. But All gen set are need same HZ,Voltage and Phase
Sequence .
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# 9
Dg sync is two or more Dg connected in parallel. But It's not changing the voltage phase sequence. Frequency, Then in case of power failure 1st
1st auto started the master Dg when this crossed the 80% of load then given the sense to PLC panel after started the 2nd DG and GVM panel check the that DG voltage after closed the breaker in auto condition. Then is sharing the load..
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T Ramesh
# 10
Under fluctuating load,if load increasesthen other DG is
connected to Host DG,to share the load equally,now this
process of working needs synchrinisation with first
one...because as we know AC owns following parameter.
1: Frequency:-It is generally fix by manufacturer.( As
per "Indian Rule Of Electricity",in India Std Frequency is
50 Hz).
2:As in case of Three phase DG set each "Phase Angle" of
respective terminal should match with other one.
3: Before connecting to Grid,"Phase Difference/Sequence" of
each DG should mach with each other.
Under such condition when first Dg
reaches to its 70% load,Sensor command via PLC starts the
other DG set,Before connecting to Grid,all above mentioned
parameters are synchroninse with each other ,It is done
by "Synchroscope" & the process is known
as "Synchronization of DG"
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Arvind Kumar Pandey

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