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what is general insurance? name 5 types of general 
 Question Submitted By :: Marketing-Sales
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# 1
Other than life insurance all types of insurace is called
general isurance.
Life Insurance:-Life Insurance means some gurranty to the
life.No body can claim that i will live till the age of
100, any thing can happen any time with any person. for the
security purpose we insure our self for our family so that
After our death our family can live happily.
Like the same way any thing which does not have life ,if we
want to insure that product for its longivity and other
purpose is called as general insurance.
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Kamakhya Prasad Ghatuary
# 2
when we want to exchange risk, from one person to another
regarding the product and for that we pay certain amount of
money is called general insurance.
1 liability insurance
2 auto insrance
3 marrian insurance
4 home insurance
5 fire insurance
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Shweta Salecha
# 3
General Insurance may be defined as an insurance coverage
given to any type of risk other than life. it is a major
partner in the classification of the term insurance. The
main five type of general insurance includes: Motor
insurance, Health Insurance, Travel insurance, Home
insurance and Fire insurance.
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Renjith Raj
# 4
General insurance is contract between two parties where one
party make promise to other party to compensate in case of
any future mishaps.
home insurance.
car insurance.
auto insurance.
fire insurance.
liability insurance.
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# 5
Except life insurance all other insurances comes under general insurance. For this general insurance corporation of India formed under the general insurance corporation of India Act, 1972.

1. Property Insurance.
2. Fire Insurance.
3. Marine Insurance.
4. Accident Insurance.
5. Liability Insurance.
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# 6
general insurance is one of the main category of insurance.
general insurance is the insurance other than life
insurance, therefore general insurance is also called as non
life insurance. because it does not cover the life of the
people. general insurance covers fire, marine and health
house insurance
travel insurance
health insurance
motor insurance
cattle insurance
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Shekhar Gite
# 7
Insuring anything other than human life is called general
insurance. Examples are insuring property like house and
belongings against fire and theft or vehicles against
accidental damage or theft. Injury due to accident or
hospitalisation for illness and surgery can also be insured.
Your liabilities to others arising out of the law can also
be insured and is compulsory in some cases like motor third
party insurance

Motor insurance
PROPERTY insurance
Fire insurance
Travel insurance
Health Insurance
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# 8
Home Insurance

Real estate property and hard assets are subject to
accidental risks like theft, destruction due to natural
disasters or fire accidents etc. with such huge investments
gone into buying a real estate property like your home or
office, the risk involved is a loss of large amount of money.

Home and property insurance helps you in managing and
protecting against these risks. The cost of a real estate
property and its insurance is mostly based upon the worth of
the already insured hard assets and also the location in
which the assets are situated.

Travel Insurance

This is intended to cover any of the financial or any other
losses which were incurred by the insured while traveling,
be it nationally or internationally, such as mountain
trekkers, cruise travelers etc.

Auto Insurance

Any vehicle on road, no matter how safe its driver is, is
bound to meet with an accident or two, which may leave it
with just a few scratches, or crash it up totally. Most
countries today require you to have an auto insurance while
on road in your vehicles.

If you have an accidental car crash, a total repair could
cost you a fortune. On the other hand, a little scratch on
your Land Cruiser might also soar up your bills to a high.
Whether or not you need an auto insurance mostly depends on
the type of car you own.

If you have an expensive car and a little repair could wipe
you out financially, you should very well go in for a buying
an all-inclusive and crash insurance which could protect you
against any and every harm done to your vehicle.
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Ghazal Amer
# 9
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# 10
Insurance provides protection against some of the economic
consenquences of loss. insurance is contract between two
parties, insured agrees to pay a cretian premium amount for
a fixed term, onthe otherhand insurer compensate for any
loss or damage as per the term and conditions.
The types of insurance are
1. Auto insurance
2. Life insurance
3. Health insurance
4. Liability insurance
5. Home insurance
6. Marine insurance
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